Turning Insight Into Action, IOD 2011 Monday Press Conference

October 24, 2011
Standing room only (and there wasn’t much of that either) at the “Turn Action into Insight” Press Conference at this year’s #IOD11. Read More

Heading to IOD in Vegas, Baby!

October 23, 2011
With all the preparations complete and the presentations, meetings and events all scheduled there’s finally a chance to reflect. So I thought I would provide some thoughts from 35,000 feet, while winging my way to the IBM Information On Demand 2011 show in Vegas. Read More

Combine expertise with technology and become an analytic organization

October 21, 2011
At a recent conference I heard a presenter suggest "If your company isn’t embracing data, you risk joining the walking dead". While this sounds alarmist, IBM’s 2010 CFO Study confirms leveraging business analytics as a strategy is sounder than ignoring value buried in data: organizations embracing analytics report increasing their compounded annual growth by 49%, raising profit by as much as 20x and returning 30% gains on investments. Read More

Making Sloe Truffles with BigInsights and IBM Netezza

October 18, 2011
For a while now at IBM Netezza we’ve been observing that the grail of a unified Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is often not achieved. It still remains an ideal - all your data, cleansed, de-duplicated, governed, in one single place - but in reality not all organizations that attempt it, have achieved it and plenty have abandoned it as a goal - preferring a core EDW with a proliferation of application-specific data marts surrounding it. Read More

What Is More Stunning: the Lack of Analysis or the Blatant Boosterism?

November 11, 2010
This is what greeted me on my return from the IBM Information On Demand show in Las Vegas, like an early “Trick or Treat” gift on the cusp of Halloween. On Thursday, our good friends at Oracle had launched a new ad in their “traditional spot” at the bottom of page one of the Wall Street Journal (in photo at right). And on catching the ad in the morning, our receptionist Maureen had had the great good sense not to pollute our lobby by putting the paper out in the waiting area. And both Netezza and Teradata figured prominently in the ad. “Stunning,” it said. “Wiped the floor,” it said. “300x faster,” it said. And all from a report by the reputable Wall Street firm, Piper Jaffray. Now exactly what was all this about? It wasn’t a question of “if” our friends from Redwood Shores were stretching the truth, but exactly “how.” Read More