The truth about big data integration

February 28, 2014
Without a doubt, data integration is essential to the success of big data projects. However, some folks in the big data vendor community, including data warehouse, Hadoop and data integration vendors, are telling a very confusing story about the fitness of Hadoop as a data integration platform. Read More

Semi-Structured Data Analytics: Relational or Hadoop Platform? Part 2

August 11, 2012
For some vendors, the only use case for unstructured data is to turn it into structured data to analyze it in a relational database. Read More

Hadoop & Netezza: Synergy in Data Analytics Results in New Customer Deployment Trends - PART 1

July 20, 2010
Two things before I begin: I’ll begin this posting with a call for inputs. Below I will list a few of the most common Hadoop/Netezza co-existence deployment patterns we have seen to date. But I would like to hear from others. As you see the continuing deployment of Hadoop in the enterprise and as the Second Wave of TwinFin™ comes on with the advanced analytics capabilities of i-Class, how do you see the evolving deployment patterns happening in your environment? A special hat-tip to Krishnan Parasuraman, Netezza’s Chief Architect for our Digital Media group, for his excellent help in aiding and abetting this post! I have used his guidance gratefully and (with his permission) stolen freely from some of his inputs. You may have noticed a partnership announcement made by Cloudera and Netezza late last week. Together with Cloudera, Netezza will open up data movement and transformation between Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop and the Netezza family of appliances applications and data flows for integration of the two systems. We expect that our partnership with Cloudera, together with the Hadoop support in Netezza’s i-Class™ set of advanced analytics capabilities that are included as part of the upcoming release 6.0 software release, will lead to some very innovative and expansive applications for our customers and for both companies. Read More

"Netezza Underground" - NPS at Your Bookstore

November 26, 2008
We had quite a surprise the other day when it came to our attention that Netezza and the NPS data warehouse appliance are now the subjects of a new book: Netezza Underground: The unauthorized tales of derring-do and adventures in resilient data warehousing solutions, by David Birmingham (ISBN: 1-4392-0743-7 and now available in paperback version for $31.54 at This is not the first instance of the NPS system being the subject of a book sold by Amazon (e.g., SAS/ACCESS(R) 9.1.3 Supplement for Netezza), but this particular publication certainly brought feelings of both fun and reaching into the mainstream with it, starting right from it's very clever cover art (above) to David's clever turns of phrase and real-life examples. Read More