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Takeaways from Recent ZDNet TechLines Broadcast Panel on Big Data

October 17, 2012
Big data is everybody’s priority these days, and it’s always exciting to see what different organizations are doing with it. Read More

Top Reads in Big Data: Week of Oct 8

October 12, 2012
Innovation often comes from taking a fresh look at something you use every day and wondering, “This thing works just fine for its intended purpose, but could it do anything more?” That kind of thinking may one day lead to cars that actively monitor our health, both inside and outside the Read More

Predictive Analytics and Big Data at Work in Healthcare

October 11, 2012
When an individual has suffered an irreversibly life-altering event, such as a traumatic brain injury, early detection of complications gives doctors the ability to plan and begin treatments sooner or potentially stop the progression of a condition altogether. Read More

Workload-optimized Systems? Integrated Management for Maximum Administrator Productivity

October 5, 2012
Unified management tooling is important for low lifecycle cost of ownership and high administrator productivity. Read More

Workload-optimized Systems? Clean-slate Design for Optimal Appliance Performance

October 3, 2012
An appliance is a fit-for-purpose, repeatable node within your broader big-data architecture. Read More

Workload-optimized Systems? Built for and Building the Big Data Cloud

October 3, 2012
Big data is evolving into a cloud ecosystem. For example, it’s clear that Hadoop has already proven its core role in the big data ecosystem: as a petabyte-scalable staging, transformation, pre-processing and refinery cloud for unstructured content and embedded execution of advanced analytics. Read More

Workload-optimized Systems? Scale In, Out and Up for Balanced Big Data Configurations

October 2, 2012
Big data is, fundamentally, a cloud-computing approach to advanced analytics and data management. The images that come to mind when somebody says “cloud computing” are a) increasingly sprawling server farms and b) increasingly huge server racks arranged in endless rows within these farms. Read More

Top Reads in Big Data: Week of Sept. 9

September 14, 2012
"Value" is the key word in several of my top picks this week. From saving money to saving lives to saving time in who you follow on Twitter, we're still finding new ways to get value from data. Read More

Next Best Action: Its Leading Synonyms and Trailing Cynicisms

August 22, 2012
"Next best action” is a hot focus area under big data, advanced analytics, digital marketing, smarter commerce and other business imperatives. Enterprises have been doing next best action, in various forms, for years. Read More

Data Scientists: Credentialed or Otherwise

August 13, 2012
For the past 2 months, a LinkedIn discussion group has been debating the burning question "Do You Need a PhD to Analyze B Read More