Improving Claims Fraud Detection in Insurance

May 21, 2013
Solutions for analyzing big data can play a critical role in addressing the increasing prevalence of claims fraud. Read More

How big data and cognitive computing are transforming insurance – Part 3

May 8, 2013
In my previous two blogs [here and here], I’ve talked about how cognitive computing and big data present the insurance industry with great opportunities and some challenges. Read More

Accelerating Fraud Investigation with Big Data

May 2, 2013
“Organizations around the world lose an estimated five percent of their annual revenues to fraud, according to a survey of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) who investigated cases between January 2010 and December 2011. Read More

How Big Data and Cognitive Computing are Transforming Insurance: Part 2

April 10, 2013
In last month’s post, I talked about how cognitive computers, like IBM Watson, have the ability to do what the earliest underwriters did: approach each risk individually and, based on histori Read More

Fighting Insurance Fraud with Big Data

March 5, 2013
  Historically, the insurance industry has simply accepted the staggering cost of fraud as a cost of doing business. Now, however, insurance fraud is on the rise. But help is at hand. Next-generation fraud solutions and big data are changing the equation in favor of insurance companies and their customers. Read More

Advanced Fraud Detection and Management Solutions Help Reduce Losses

February 20, 2013
Interest is growing among insurers for big data solutions that can help them identify, monitor and manage fraud in their underwriting and claims. Advanced fraud detection and management solutions are helping P&C and life insurers reduce losses by improving the precision and timeliness of fraud detection. Read More

Analytics in Banking Services

January 15, 2013
New models of proactive risk management, using big data analytics, are being increasingly adopted by major banks and financial institutions. But many financial institutions still lag. Read More

Real or Fraudulent? Knowing is Important

January 8, 2013
  Insurance claims fraud is estimated to account for at least 15 percent of insurance company losses, a cost that impacts the bottom line of every insurer in the industry, and ultimately, consumers as well. Read More

Outsmart the Insurance Claim Fraudster

December 5, 2012
Individual fraudsters and organized rings are taking advantage of favorable regulations, overworked adjusters and investigators, and a clogged court system to increase the rates of insurance fraud. Learn what insurance companies are doing to "Outsmart the Insurance Claim Fraudster" in this webcast. Read More