Analytics in Banking Services

January 15, 2013
New models of proactive risk management, using big data analytics, are being increasingly adopted by major banks and financial institutions. But many financial institutions still lag. Read More

Real or Fraudulent? Knowing is Important

January 8, 2013
  Insurance claims fraud is estimated to account for at least 15 percent of insurance company losses, a cost that impacts the bottom line of every insurer in the industry, and ultimately, consumers as well. Read More

Outsmart the Insurance Claim Fraudster

December 5, 2012
Individual fraudsters and organized rings are taking advantage of favorable regulations, overworked adjusters and investigators, and a clogged court system to increase the rates of insurance fraud. Learn what insurance companies are doing to "Outsmart the Insurance Claim Fraudster" in this webcast. Read More

Healthcare Analytics – Is it paying for itself?

November 8, 2012
Healthcare organizations are in the eye of an information overload storm. With EHR, EMR and with HIE implementation, there’s tons of data that will be available to payers, care providers and care management companies. Read More

Big Data In Healthcare: Yes!!

October 8, 2012
For the past few years, healthcare transformation discussions have centered around EMR adoption, data exchange and interoperability. Read More

Adopting a Culture of Analytics to “Insure” Success

July 20, 2012
Companies implementing analytics solutions outperform their peers across a range of financial measures – 1.6x revenue growth, 2.0x EBITDA growth, and 2.5x stock price appreciation (State of Smart Report Read More

SAS Goes Inside the Netezza Appliance

November 16, 2009
“The best vision is insight.” -- Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990), publisher of Forbes magazine, New Jersey state senator and adventure hobbyist. A couple of big announcements from our friends at SAS today. For the industry at large, SAS’ commitment to in-database analytic processing is a confirmation of trends that we have been discussing for over two years: more and more, the “data warehouse” is becoming the hub of all analytics processing for the enterprise. While that announcement covers multiple database vendors, today’s other announcement from Cary, NC on the availability of the “SAS Scoring Accelerator for Netezza” means that we and SAS are immediately putting this recommitted strategy into action. Read More