The best bit of market research you never commissioned

June 18, 2014
Understanding and responding to client needs across digital channels in real time is not easy. Find out how Wimbledon fans around the world help the AELTC to better manage their digital presence. Read More

Marketing, Analytics, & Customer Experience

September 26, 2013
“Marketers have always known that connecting with consumers as individuals — not as part of broad demographics — yield a greater degree of interest, response and engagement. In fact, the earliest seeds of this approach were planted in the direct mail era, when big breakthroughs were personalized mail and catalogues. With the emergence of social networks and mobile devices, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) can now understand customers for the individuals they are, putting an end to average and ushering in the “era of you.” However, most CMOs still depend on their gut intuition, not data, to make decisions.” [Excerpt From Why Marketers Should Rely Less On Their Gut Instincts] In our recent Twitterchat, our panel of guests: Mark Cameron, CEO Working Three, Nigel Fenwick, VP & Principal Analyst Forrester, and Graeme Noseworthy of IBM, led a lively discussion on “Marketing, Analytics, and the Customer Experience. Here's a snippet of that discussion. Read More

Big Data in Marketing: Creating New Opportunities for Collaboration

July 18, 2013
CMOs are enhancing their abilities to contribute not only to the marketing of new products, but also in their development, design, sale and support. These are all data-centric functions that are working together, today to drive business success. Read More

Twitterchat: Data Driven Marketing

July 17, 2013
“In an era of big data, consumers now expect more of brands – not just good service, but hyper-personalized and high-value service.  With analytics, marketers can actually predict precise moments to engage customers with the right information or right suggestion in a personalized, authentic way. Marketing then feels less intrusive and more like a welcomed service.” [Adapted from: Accuracy and efficacy of (data) analysis is the biggest concern’: Virginia Sharma, IBM] In our last twitterchat, guest Banafsheh Ghassemi, VP, Marketing - CRM & Customer Experience at The American Red Cross, joined us as we discussed “Data Driven Marketing.” See some of that conversation. Read More

The Future of Retail

July 11, 2013
"By using information to provide exceptional customer experiences, whether online or in a store, retailers will be able to attract more loyal customers and engage them in an ongoing relationship rather than a series of isolated transactions. The challenge facing all retailers is how to successfully use Big Data to understand their customers and grow sales. The information is already out there. Now it needs to be optimized, analyzed and leveraged, and that will require shifts in how retailers operate." [Adapted from: Big Data Bling How Economy and Analytics are Driving Jewelry Sales]   In our last #CXO twitterchat, guest Doug Stephens, the founder of Retail Prophet, led a lively discussion on “The Future of Retail.” Here is a snapshot of that discussion. Read More

Where is the #CIO in the Customer Experience?

July 8, 2013
According to research by the CMO Council, "both marketers (85 percent) and IT executives (85 percent) say the relationship between the two is critical to the execution of customer-centric programs." With customers securely fastened in the driver’s seat. it’s imperative that the CIO, CMO and CCO join forces and collaborate. Customers are producing mounds of data that CMOs and CCOs need to personalize customer interactions. The onus is then on the CIO and his team to ensure they provide access to this customer data. In our last Twitterchat, guest Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor, led the conversation as we discussed “Where is the CIO in the Customer Experience?” Here is a snippet of that discussion. Read More

Delivering Smarter Customer Experiences in Media & Entertainment

May 30, 2013
With access to vast and various data sources, media companies are striving to build closer relationships with their customers at a level where they can finally understand them as individuals. New big data and predictive analytics capabilities allow them to analyze customer and behavioral data – simultaneously – to create detailed, highly personalized customer profiles.  Read More

Turning Detailed Audience Data into True Customer Desire

May 2, 2013
IBM has engaged in conversations with CMOs around the world to learn how they are interpreting this extreme focus and challenge regarding big data analytics. We believe this convergence is leading a major transformation in marketing today.  Read More

Webinar Replay: Discovering Customer Insights At Speed And Scale

March 13, 2013
Marketing professionals understand that reliable customer and campaign information is one of the most valuable assets for producing effective, targeted marketing and for creating lasting business value. Read More

Moneyball Meets Marketing: Leveraging Big Data Analytics to Improve Results

March 5, 2013
“Moneyball” was the story of data-driven strategies being fully leveraged for success. It’s a phenomenon that’s moved beyond baseball. Now, we’re starting to see a similar trend at work with best-in-class CMOs, digital marketers, ad tech firms, marketing service providers and retail operations as they all work to gain an enhanced 360o view of the customer.  Read More