Seeking love? eHarmony turns big data into big outcomes

May 8, 2014
Finding true love is one of life’s great challenges. eHarmony understands this challenge and is bringing science and big data together to help deliver more and better matches, with great success.  Read More

Big data insights in a System z IBM environment

May 7, 2014
In order to deliver deeper insight, organizations must be able to leverage and integrate the growing amounts and different types of data together to reveal different perspectives and so, get closer to the “truth." Transactional, freeform, sentiment, clickstream data and more help create a richer view of what the customers’ next move might be. Big data technologies such as Hadoop have the potential to help organizations build deep digital relationships with each and every one of us and augment the understanding of how we think. Read More

Anticipating society's needs

May 7, 2014
How can a painful experience at the Department of Motor Vehicles point the way to a more efficient, effective government? A key lies in the ability to anticipate rather than just respond. This blog illustrates how three government organizations from around the world are using IBM’s Big Data & Analytics to better serve their citizens. Read More

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: William McKnight

May 6, 2014
William McKnight, president of McKnight Consulting Group and this week’s IBM Big Data & Analytics Hero, says that tomorrow’s generation needs to acquire analytics skills to stay ahead in business. Read More

10 can’t miss posts for big data and analytics developers: May 2014

May 5, 2014
DeveloperWorks big data and analytics editor, Barb Wetmore, brings you a summary of the latest how-to technical content for developers. This month includes enabling Watson to use sensor data, using the BLU Acceleration service in the Codename: BlueMix cloud platform, detecting and tracking the physical activity of mobile phone users and more. Read More

Taking CX strategy to the C-suite

May 1, 2014
According to our research customers come second only to the C-suite in terms of the strategic influence they wield. When asked, “Who has the most influence on your strategic vision and business strategy?” 55 percent of interviewed CEOs cited customers. In our upcoming #CXO Twitter chat we discuss the importance and challenges of aligning organizational strategy with customer experience. Read More

IBM Cloud Marketplace: Empowering the modern business

May 1, 2014
IBM announced a number of new cloud offerings with the IBM Cloud Marketplace at the center. It is designed to be an easy access, technical marketplace for all users (business through IT and development) to access solutions and technologies on demand, with a growing number in the big data and analytics space. Read More

Real-time Actionable Insight and the Internet of Things

April 30, 2014
If day one at IBM Impact centered on the Composable Business Read More

Business users want the cloud: Enter BlueInsight

April 29, 2014
With business outcomes front and center, emboldened decision makers want data and analytics systems that are fast, easy and smart. New cloud-based initiative BlueInsight aims to deliver on that promise to business and knowledge workers, unleashing them to pursue what they do best—taking action based on fresh insight, and making the right decisions to achieve their desired outcomes.  Read More

What’s my preference?

April 24, 2014
Customers demand control of when, where and how they interact with brands—not just on websites, but across all channels. Understanding and managing customer preferences requires listening, really listening, to customer opt-ins and opt-outs, monitoring their behavior and knowing the type of messaging customers want to receive and via which channel. Customers expect businesses to know their specific preference for each channel and adhere to them. How, then, do organizations apply customer preferences to enhance customer experience? Join the #CXO Twitter chat this Monday and contribute to the conversation. Read More