Business users want the cloud: Enter BlueInsight

April 29, 2014
With business outcomes front and center, emboldened decision makers want data and analytics systems that are fast, easy and smart. New cloud-based initiative BlueInsight aims to deliver on that promise to business and knowledge workers, unleashing them to pursue what they do best—taking action based on fresh insight, and making the right decisions to achieve their desired outcomes.  Read More

What’s my preference?

April 24, 2014
Customers demand control of when, where and how they interact with brands—not just on websites, but across all channels. Understanding and managing customer preferences requires listening, really listening, to customer opt-ins and opt-outs, monitoring their behavior and knowing the type of messaging customers want to receive and via which channel. Customers expect businesses to know their specific preference for each channel and adhere to them. How, then, do organizations apply customer preferences to enhance customer experience? Join the #CXO Twitter chat this Monday and contribute to the conversation. Read More

From switchboards to motherboards: The evolution of telecommunications

April 21, 2014
Let me begin with a story from my childhood. I grew up in India and, back in the early 80s, when Indian telecoms did not have a direct dial for international calls. My family used to call my uncle who was studying at M. I. T. Read More

The digital customer experience

April 18, 2014
To celebrate our three year #CXO Twitter chat anniversary Lynn Teo, former chief experience officer of McCann Erickson, Peg Fitzpatrick, head of social strategy at Canva, Michelle Morris, associate director of client experience at Crowe Horwath and Brian Mayer, customer experience architect and consultant, join us to discuss the digital customer expereince. Read More

Moneyball is the true game-changing application of data analytics

April 17, 2014
Sport is just a branch of the entertainment industry. As such, I don't expect that big data and analytics (a la Moneyball) will play a more decisive role in athletic competitions than they do in, say, determining whether Broadway actors exit stage right or stage left after the climactic scene. Under any future scenario, the trained professionals who perform for us out on the field or in the arena will continue to let their skills and intuition guide their in-the-moment decisions. The same applies to the people who recruit, hire and manage them. Read More

Big data and analytics for insurance: Make it personal

April 17, 2014
Insurers investing in the science of data and analytical capabilities can now monetize their data with greater certainty, creating value by customizing one-on-one policyholder interactions and personalized offers that quickly service their requests. Read the story that data can tell for insurance providers. Read More

From incomes to outcomes: Banks move from limited tunnel vision to unlimited focus

April 15, 2014
Many banks have data in their organizations right now that they're not monetizing. Analyzing customer interaction data will drive new revenue and improve customer retention. Read how IBM clients are analyzing call center interactions, web visits, chats and social data to better understand what their customers want. Read More

Building quality in the customer experience

April 11, 2014
Service quality, product quality and customer experience are all intertwined as companies push to gain and maintain market supremacy. Given the number of channels and the amount of data companies have to navigate, maintaining quality levels have become even more challenging. In fact, “just 7 percent of customers are 'extremely satisfied' that brands provide a seamless, integrated and consistent customer service experience across channels. Join the #CXO Twitter chat on Monday, April 23 at 12 p.m. EST as we discuss building quality in the customer experience. Read More

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: John Naduvathusseril

April 8, 2014
This week's Big Data & Analytics Hero, John Naduvathusseril, chief data architect for Nielsen Company, shares how we can flip the equation so that the challenge of big data becomes more of an opportunity for actionable insights. Read More

The IBM Fellows program introduces a new member

April 7, 2014
"It’s the single biggest thing that ever happened to me. It really caught me off guard. " Mike Haydock on learning he's become a new IBM Fellow Read More