Madison Avenue’s moonshot is fueled by 1s and 0s

June 26, 2014
The date is June 26, 1969. Mankind is getting ready to launch three brave astronauts into space; two of which will walk on the surface of the moon and change history forever. Meanwhile, another change is taking place: the rise of the computer in the workplace and the importance of applying data to decision making at high speed and high capacity across long distances. Such is the case in the world of advertising. Join us as we take “one small step” back in time to experience “one giant leap” in the origins of big data.  Read More

3 reasons why DataOps is essential for big data success

June 19, 2014
Data science is extremely important in today’s data-driven world, but is only effective if it can be efficiently executed in a production environment. Find out about an essential best practice to make your data science effective. Read More

The best bit of market research you never commissioned

June 18, 2014
Understanding and responding to client needs across digital channels in real time is not easy. Find out how Wimbledon fans around the world help the AELTC to better manage their digital presence. Read More

10 can’t miss posts for big data and analytics developers: June 2014

June 2, 2014
developerWorks Editor Barb Wetmore brings you a summary of the latest how-to technical content for developers. This month includes an announcement of a new big data and analytics zone on developerWorks, integration of DB2 for z/OS with InfoSphere BigInsights, creation of a date time dimension with IBM Cognos software and real-time analytics using IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality. Read More

Banking on Hadoop

May 29, 2014
While Hadoop is a technology for data management and analytics, it has important capabilities that business leaders should know about. Read More

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: Anand Mahurkar

May 27, 2014
Anand Mahurkar, founder and CEO of Findability Sciences, agrees with the pundits who say big data is the new oil or even the new soil. Anand insists that, for tomorrow’s generation, everyone needs to know the data well so that they can run businesses with less friction using this new oil, and farm in the new soil. Read More

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: Nitesh Chawla

May 20, 2014
Personalized healthcare, learning engagement analytics and climate change are a few of the areas where this week’s Big Data & Analytics Hero Nitesh Chawla has uncovered “gold nuggets.” Learn more about his experiences and see what he thinks is still missing for big data and ­analytics to really deliver ROI. Read More

Fans versus customers

May 18, 2014
Research from International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) reveals that only 25 percent of companies feel that their customers are "extremely engaged." How, then, can companies increase customer engagement to cultivate fans? Is creating the same passion in customers as sporting teams a myth? Join our #CXO Twitter chat on May 19 at 12 noon ET to discuss. Read More

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: Kelly Carrigan

May 16, 2014
"Every day we’re able to personalize the consumer’s path to a purchase through mobile, online and in-store networks, including doing real-time scoring of a shopping basket at the supermarket checkout," says Kelly Carrigan, VP of data warehouse and infrastructure at Catalina Marketing, and this week's Big Data and Analytics Hero. Read More

Big city, big data: Chicago exhibit connects people to the data they generate

May 15, 2014
Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will not die, but long after we are gone be a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing insistence.— Read More