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IBM + Hadoop = Recipe for success

November 12, 2014
What a shame. Most businesses aren’t taking advantage of their data, leaving them hungry for success. According to Forrester Research analyst, Michele Goetz, only 12 percent of available data is used. If I am any good at math, that means there is a lot of data that is not being used.   Read More

The big data jungle is coming to Vegas

August 14, 2014
In the world of big data, the elephant is king. Hadoop, whose elephant logo has become the face of big data, has been joined in the big data jungle by many friends: Pig, Jaql and even a ZooKeeper to keep them all in line. The entire big data jungle will be making a trip to Las Vegas in October for the world’s largest big data conference: IBM Insight. Read More

IBM expands Hadoop commitment with support for Spark

July 2, 2014
As part of IBM's ongoing commitment to Hadoop and the broader open source ecosystem, IBM is joining forces with Databricks, Cloudera, Intel and MapR to broaden support for Apache Spark. IBM's goal is to provide enterprise customers with access to the latest innovations around big data and analytics. Read More

Hadoop: Where it's been and where it's going

June 13, 2014
Nearly 10 years ago, a little open source software project with a funny name came into being. Read More

Data: To have and to hold?

April 8, 2014
Or to analyze, act and then move on? It’s time for a more open relationship. Now announcing Streams v3.2.1. Read More

Openness: Bringing Greater Transparency and Agility to the Smarter Planet

September 19, 2013
Openness is where the world is headed. It’s the core principle in truly agile governance of a dynamic, complex, smarter planet. Openness means many things to many people. From a big-data perspective, we can break down the key dimensions of openness as follows: Read More

Hadoop’s Linux Analogy is Wearing Thin as the Market Evolves

July 11, 2013
Big data is an industry ecosystem in which the open-source approaches have great momentum. Open-source platforms—including Hadoop, NoSQL and R—are expanding their footprint in advanced analytics. Read More

City Forward and Open Data Standards

October 15, 2012
From the White House to your local municipality, government agencies, NGOs and corporations are making more data and applications available to citizens. Read More

Agile Analytics

January 26, 2012
Is 2012 the year of Agile Analytics?  Recent publications show growing interest in the application of Agile methods to analytics: Ken Collier, an Agile pioneer, tackles analytics in his aptly named new book Agile Analytics.  A quick Google search surfaces a number of recent blogs and articles. Curt Monash recently published an excellent two-part blog on the subject. Read More