Banking on Hadoop

May 29, 2014
While Hadoop is a technology for data management and analytics, it has important capabilities that business leaders should know about. Read More

The evolving role of risk and how it drives value

April 14, 2014
IBM has introduced Smarter Risk, a new approach to enabling organizations to build trust and value amidst uncertainty. At The Evolving Role of Risk Forum April 9, IBM Business Analytics General Manager Alistair Rennie joined experts in risk management to share the latest thinking on this critical topic. Read More

Countering fraud with big data and analytics

March 25, 2014
A standing room only crowd of invited guests converged at the New York Palace hotel on Thursday to listen to experts from government, insurance, healthcare and banking talk about one thing: countering fraud. Read More

Countering fraud: How IBM's new initiative uses big data and analytics

March 20, 2014
Criminal activity is rampant, and the brash sophistication of recent attacks—as well as the magnitude of damage— is making fraud a top priority. Consumers are concerned about their privacy and security., government agencies are working out how to address the volume of improper payments and claims and businesses are wrestling with financial losses as well as lasting brand damag Read More

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: Alan Grogan

February 25, 2014
This week's Big Data & Analytics Hero, Alan Grogan, chief analytics officer at the Royal Bank of Scotland, discusses the impact of big data and analytics on business strategy and beyond. Read More

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: Deva Annamalai

February 12, 2014
"Banking as an industry is generating [a] voluminous amount of data about customer transactions and behavior. Read More

#CXO chat recap: Innovation in banking

January 16, 2014
In a recent #CXO Twitter chat Jim Marous, SVP, Corporate Development at New Control and Bank Marketing Expert, lead a spirited conversation on “Innovation in Banking." Here is a glimpse of that discussion. Read More

Big Data Acts as Octane to Acquire, Grow, Retain Customers

October 21, 2013
At the start of this year, I had discussed in my blog post “Is Customer the King? Read More

Cultivating Big Data Adoption in Banking: Part 2

October 1, 2013
This is our seventh and final post in a series presenting the findings from the IBM Institute for Business Value and University of Oxford’s Big Data study and excerpts from the report, “A Read More