How Can You Use Big Data?

May 22, 2013
One of the key best practices for successful implementation of a big data analytics solution is to validate the business use case for big data. It will help organization with two important aspects for success: 1. Keeping the scope limited Read More

Smarter Digital Banking: Leveraging Information and Mobile

May 15, 2013
Part 2 in a 3-part series: Big Data and Next Generation Banking – Leveraging information and mobile to drive revenue and expand the customer value proposition Read More

Smarter Digital Banking: Leveraging New Capabilities with Big Data

March 15, 2013
To better serve their customers, banks strive to understand the best way to anticipate their needs. A quick response to an emerging need can add short-term value to a new customer relationship or enhance a long-term one. Read More

Smarter Digital Banking: Big Data and Next Generation Banking

March 8, 2013
As the financial crisis continues, banks are adapting their business models to the “new normal.” But the path to get there will not be through traditional products and services. Banks must develop new, innovative products and services that add value to their customers in new and different ways. Read More

Optimizing capital across the business with smarter risk analytics

February 21, 2013
This week we’re in New York City for IBM’s Smarter Analytics Leadership Summit where we are gathering with industry leaders to share insights on how they are working with IBM to leverage the explosion in Read More

Roundup of Big Data Pundits' Predictions for 2013

January 18, 2013
Annual predictions are like relatives at a cocktail party: once you introduce them, you never know if they’ll flatter or embarrass you. But that doesn’t stop thought leaders, analysts and other subject matter experts from laying their reputations on the line every year for our education. Here is a roundup of what some of the top thinkers think about big data, Hadoop, analytics and data governance in 2013.  Read More

Analytics in Banking Services

January 15, 2013
New models of proactive risk management, using big data analytics, are being increasingly adopted by major banks and financial institutions. But many financial institutions still lag. Read More

Big Data in Banking: Driving Value in Next Best Action

November 26, 2012
It’s difficult to read a banking technology article or go to a conference without hearing about big data. Most of us now believe that big data is more than just hype, that it can offer business benefits to those that can leverage big data into new business capabilities. Read More

NYSE Euronext Uses Big Data to Innovate and Prepare for the Future

November 6, 2012
NYSE Euronext, a leading global operator of financial markets and a provider of innovative trading technologies, operates exchanges in the United States and Europe. NYSE Euronext equities marketplaces represent one-third of equities trading worldwide. Read More

Why Static STILL Stinks

September 27, 2012
As promised, we’re going to revisit a topic I introduced awhile ago in "Why Static Stinks". Based on what I’m seeing recently, static still stinks, so now is a good time to resurface our discussion. Read More