Roundup of Big Data Pundits' Predictions for 2013

January 18, 2013
Annual predictions are like relatives at a cocktail party: once you introduce them, you never know if they’ll flatter or embarrass you. But that doesn’t stop thought leaders, analysts and other subject matter experts from laying their reputations on the line every year for our education. Here is a roundup of what some of the top thinkers think about big data, Hadoop, analytics and data governance in 2013.  Read More

Data Scientist: Closing the Talent Gap

January 17, 2013
Nobody doubts that companies everywhere will continue to ramp up their hiring, recruitment and training of data scientists. But there seems to be a growing alarm that we won’t have enough data scientists to go around. Read More

Data Privacy a Top Concern

January 15, 2013
In the first ever Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Masking, IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy Solution was named a leader, receiving the best ranking in the ability to execute and completeness of vision categories compared to competitors. Read More

Using Analytics to Proactively Meet Customer Demands

January 10, 2013
Many organizations today are attempting to apply analytics to their customer experience initiatives. Leveraging analytics, however, means a cultural evolution in terms of how analytics are used, by whom and on what data. In a recent #CXO Twitter chat, Neil Raden, CEO and Principal Analyst of Hired Brains Inc, led the discussion on how to use analytics to proactively meet customer demands. Read More

Data Scientist: Sexy Is as Sexy Does

December 10, 2012
What's sexy about data science? It has been dubbed the "sexiest occupation" of the 21st century, but you don't see hordes of autograph-seekers and paparazzi flitting around many data scientists. James Kobielus looks at why data science is hot. Read More

Going Beyond the Buzz on Big Data

December 10, 2012
Everyone is talking about big data, but if you want to see some REAL data on what is going on with big data, here is a new research report you will appreciate. EMA Research & 9Sight Consulting conducted a study of business and IT professionals, inquiring about their big data plans and implementations to learn what is really going on with big data. The report details the obstacles, strategies and approaches identified by the respondents. Read More

Big Data Analytics – Where Do I begin?

October 31, 2012
How do businesses address the challenge Read More

Data Scientist: Chart The Customer Journey

October 15, 2012
Your customers really don’t care how smart your data scientists are. Customers don’t spend much time contemplating how much work those data scientists might have put into tuning the analytic models that power your channels. Read More

Dr. Barry Devlin Tells How to Tame the Beasts of Big Data

October 10, 2012
Dr. Barry Devlin, a data management authority and founder of 9sight Consulting, published a new white paper on big data titled “The Big Data Zoo: Taming the Beasts.” The paper provides a colorful and thought-provoking look at big data using animal analogies such as elephants, eagles and reptiles to illustrate the challenges posed by this new “wild” data.   Read More

Data Scientist: Mastering the Methodology, Learning the Lingo

August 30, 2012
We can argue till we’re blue in the face on the issue of whether a true data scientist must have academic credentials. But no one doubts that credentials mean little if you can’t actually do the work. Read More