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Maximizing the value of your data through analytics

June 27, 2014
You don’t want to miss the next TDWI Solution Spotlight on “Maximizing the Value of Your Data through Analytics.” Claudia Imhoff, president and founder of Intelligent Solutions Inc., will share everything from modern data architectures and use cases to data scientists and “things to ponder” when evolving your analytics programs. Read More

A possible solution to the over-hyped data scientist

May 14, 2014
The need for a data scientist is all the rage right now. At every marketing conference I go to, companies are clamoring for their skills, but the supply and demand is not coming to the needed equilibrium. We are faced with the choice of continuing to wait, or to employ a solution that is already at our fingertips.  Read More

What skills are needed for big data?

May 9, 2014
The gap between the demand for analytics talent globally and the supply of talent  is one of the key obstacles to big data implementations across all organizations. Read More

Building a big data team

March 28, 2014
Big data projects often involve exploring new business challenges and using new technology alongside existing applications. But who is doing this work? What skills and personalities are needed? Read More

Is 2013 the year of the data scientist?

December 17, 2013
In truth, the buzz began to build long before the start of 2013. An October 2012 article in the Harvard Business Review declared “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century." It goes on to describe the role in terms that place it somewhere between a data-swashbuckling Indiana Jones and super-sleuth, Sherlock Holmes.  Read More

Big data success in 2014: It´s the human talent part, stupid!

December 9, 2013
Companies whose investments focus on growing talent in data sciences help not only their processes, but also the company as a whole. In our most recent global study on big data analytics, we concluded that the gap between the demand for analytics talent globally and the supply of analytics talent locally is one of the key obstacles to analytics implementations across all organizations.  Read More

Moving to Hadoop? Understand counting basics

November 22, 2013
I’ve encountered many customers who are keen to ditch their data warehouse and use Hadoop to store the organization’s data as a cost-saving measure and to provide more flexibility to the business. Read More

Data Scientists: The Challenge of Managing Stubbornly Autonomous Experts

November 14, 2013
Data science can only function as a sustainable business resource if it’s managed professionally. Regardless of how your organization chooses to organize your data scientists, you need a layer of professional management. The core reasons for this are clear: Read More

The Challenges of Transparent Accountability in Big Data Analytics

October 24, 2013
Many of my waking hours are spent explaining to people that “big data” is not as opaque and mysterious a concept as they’ve been led to believe. Read More

Geospatial Analytics: Evolving to Address Mindblowing Big-Data Challenges

October 18, 2013
The unfathomable scale of the universe we inhabit strains everybody’s powers of imagination. Trying to analyze the forces that shape it all, across all scales, is probably the greatest scientific challenge that humanity will ever face. Read More