How Hadoop is changing energy and utilities

December 12, 2014
Today, energy and utility companies are relying on Hadoop to help curb energy consumption, reduce energy loss and add more clean power to the grid. Using big data and analytics, organizations can empower users to understand their energy usage and give them the chance to reduce how much they use and pay. Read More

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: Ben Snyman

November 25, 2014
“Roof stability and effective support is quite a challenge,” declares Ben Snyman, VP of Underground Mining and Smart Services at Joy Global and this week’s Big Data Hero. “If the roof has a problem, production halts. We cannot afford to wait around for a report telling us there is a problem. Read More

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: Addison Snell

October 21, 2014
Intersect360 Research studies the opportunities for high performance technologies, including high performance computing areas in science, engineering and business. CEO Addison Snell (this week’s IBM Big Data and Analytics Hero) shares his insights with us. Read More

Critical success factors in deploying Hadoop across industries

October 20, 2014
Big data (data from many sources, of varying formats, both structured and unstructured) means different things in different industries. But as different as their needs and usage of big data may be, there is one commonality among all industries: the opportunity to plumb big data for better, more informed perspectives on their customers, products, partners, competitors and strategies.  Read More

The Internet of Things is driving change in me, and in industry

August 21, 2014
We certainly live in a connected world. It always amazes me when I see how smarter enterprises are using the highly interconnected, intelligent and instrumented qualities of today’s technology to make our world a better place: the way we interact changes, how we approach our day is different and what we expect is far higher than ever before. Driving this fantastic change is none other than the Internet of Things (IoT). Read More

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: Nitesh Chawla

May 20, 2014
Personalized healthcare, learning engagement analytics and climate change are a few of the areas where this week’s Big Data & Analytics Hero Nitesh Chawla has uncovered “gold nuggets.” Learn more about his experiences and see what he thinks is still missing for big data and ­analytics to really deliver ROI. Read More

Enhance grid operations with big data and analytics

May 5, 2014
Making sense of the smart grid. Read More

How big data will change your industry

February 10, 2014
The amount of data created is growing rapidly and it is expected that in 2020 we will create a minimum of 40 trillion gigabytes; 40 pe Read More

Building Proactive Security with Big Data

July 30, 2013
The issue of security for the energy and utility industry has historically focused on the physical security of its sites and keeping hackers from accessing the IT environment. This has been reasonably easy to manage as there are limited endpoints, many of which operate in isolation. Read More

Most Popular Analyst Reports, eBooks and White Papers of 2013 - So Far

July 11, 2013
Since big data is still relatively new technology, many of you are conducting research and seeking quality educational resources. That's apparent in this list of the 10 most popular analyst reports, ebooks and white papers. Read More