stream computing

Understanding the value of complex event processing

April 4, 2014
Until recently, the growth of complex event processing (CEP) outside of the financial industry was relatively moderate, with strong activity coming from the airlines for applications such as baggage handling. However, times are changing; business models are radically shifting and the volume, variety and velocity of data to be mined for business insight is growing exponentially across a broad spectrum of industries. How then can CEP help organizations with their business process management initiatives? And how does CEP fit into bigger trends in play? Read More

Approaching the big data starting line with the Quick Start Program

January 10, 2014
It’s a new year, and you know what that means. Read More

Learn about real-time analytics through real-world examples

December 16, 2013
Whether you call it stream computing, data in motion or real-time data, there’s no doubt that one of the most important aspects of big data is being able to capture, process and analyze data as it is happening. Read More

The rise of the cell phone - Prepare yourself for world domination with big data analytics

November 26, 2013
Did you know that next year, 2014, the number of mobile phones in the world will exceed the number of humans? Are you ready for the rise of the cell phone? Read More

Streams of Fun - in Parallel and Real Time

October 22, 2013
As a kid, I used to love playing with puddles of water during rainy days (Unlike the millennials, we Gen-X did live closer to nature, didn’t we?). My favourite game was operating the “marbles cleaning factory.” The factory would get water from the puddle via my hand-constructed stream. Read More

InfoSphere Streams 3.2 Announced

October 22, 2013
It seems like a “Back to the Future” moment. Here we are with the IBM InfoSphere Streams v3.2 announcement, the latest version of our product for handling stream computing and complex event processing. Read More

It’s Not the Size, It’s the Motion! Why Data in Motion Matters

October 14, 2013
We know data is omnipresent in our world; that’s no secret. By now, most are familiar with the “Vs” of big data – volume, variety, velocity and veracity. Organizations are finding innovative ways to harness big data for competitive advantage. Read More

Highly Automated Driving Through "Streams"

September 23, 2013
Recently, various publications including the Times of India, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters and CNET (just to name a few) have been abuzz with news of IBM’s partnership with international automotive supplier Continental. Read More

Real-time Analytic Processing at Your Fingertips

August 14, 2013
During a recent conference, I had the privilege of speaking with clients from many different organizations about their big data challenges. Most were very excited and just starting down the path of harnessing its power. Read More