customer analytics

Analytics is key for your omni-channel success

May 9, 2014
The newest IBM Global Consumer Study reveals that in a single year internet commerce jumped nearly 100 percent, with 27 percent of retail purchases made online in 2013 versus 14 percent in Read More

Data scientists need psychological insights to tune customer analytics

February 20, 2014
Marketing comes down to demand generation, and that requires at least a rough idea of what makes people tick. Read More

Big data = big outcomes

January 29, 2014
Customers expect more: they expect smart, they expect simple, they expect fast and they expect value. This transcends all industries, and big data is helping enterprises rise to this challenge. Read More

Confusing "busy" with "effective"

January 24, 2014
Children are such a glorious creation; being a parent of three (eight, seven and five) I’m allowed to pass judgments like these. They can bring so much joy and so much frustration at the same time. And they are absolutely amazing to observe. Take chores for example: asking them to clean their room, brush their teeth or vacuum the floor is often more work than actually doing it yourself. They confuse looking busy (i.e. pushing the vacuum back and forth in the same area for 10 minutes) for actually being productive. But, these are the trials of a parent. We’ve got to help teach them.  Read More

Smarter Customer Analytics

November 20, 2013
“Today’s marketplace is competitive. Successful leaders are infusing analytics throughout their enterprise to drive smarter decisions, enable faster actions and optimize outcomes. Business and technology executives alike are racing to convert data-driven insights into meaningful results." [Excerpt: How Organizations Are Capitializing on Big Data Analytics] How are best-in-class organizations transforming customer experience with analytics? In a recent  #CXO Twitter chat,  guests Lynn Hunsaker, Customer experience Strategist, and Marc Teerlink, Global Strategist for Big Data Science & Consumer Behavior Analytics at IBM, joined us to discuss “Smarter Customer Analytics.” Here is a snippet of that conversation. Read More

Big Data Acts as Octane to Acquire, Grow, Retain Customers

October 21, 2013
At the start of this year, I had discussed in my blog post “Is Customer the King? Read More

Geospatial Analytics Transforming Brick-and-Mortar Retailing into a Digital Experience

October 10, 2013
Customer engagement has its roots in the space-time continuum. When you’re a business trying to build bonds of loyalty, experience and influence, you must collapse the distances that make these outcomes difficult to achieve. Read More

Acquire, Grow, Retain: Enhancing the 360 View of the Customer

September 4, 2013
Gaining a 360o view of customers can provide organizations with valuable information about how to better serve their customers and foster greater brand loyalty. But traditionally, marketers use costly and time-consuming methods to gain that knowledge. Read More

Idiosyncrasies, Novelties, Degrees & Customer Intimacy

August 30, 2013
Understanding the mysteries of the human mind and the impetus for our actions has long been fodder for much scientific research. There are so many different facets that make each person unique -- "no two minds think alike" -- not even twins. Still, businesses today are amassing customer data by the “too-much-a-bytes” to sift out the idiosyncrasies and novelties in the data in the hopes of achieving the holy grail of customer intimacy. Add to this our circles and the external influences that spark constant change, and we have a decidedly daunting task. In our last #CXO Twitter chat, Dr. Kirk Borne, Professor of Astrophysics & Computational Science at George Mason University, led the conversation. It was clear that there are differing opinions on how much data businesses need to collect and whether customer intimacy is elusive or not. Added to that, the jury is still out -- do customers really want intimacy? Read More

Retailers: The Thin Line Between “Snooping” and Transforming the Shopping Experience

August 13, 2013
We have grown accustomed to online retailers as they’ve tracked our online shopping activities from item to item and site to site. When we are online, we have come to expect the “if you like this, you might also like that” promotions, since they enhance our shopping experience. Read More