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Social media analytics for small countries

July 11, 2014
A quick social media analytics exercise will prove that high quality analysis requires ongoing attention. Read More

Personalization: the new imperative for retailers to acquire, grow and retain customers

June 20, 2014
In an increasingly competitive and polarized marketplace with rising customer expectations, the traditional means of competitive differentiation are being challenged as never before. To respond, retailers need to evolve their focus to become customer-centric in both strategy and execution. This means personalizing every stage of the customer’s path and this can be done by leveraging big data and analytics. Read More

IBM Cloud Marketplace: Empowering the modern business

May 1, 2014
IBM announced a number of new cloud offerings with the IBM Cloud Marketplace at the center. It is designed to be an easy access, technical marketplace for all users (business through IT and development) to access solutions and technologies on demand, with a growing number in the big data and analytics space. Read More

Now live on LinkedIn: The IBM Big Data & Analytics Showcase Page

February 11, 2014
Today we’re excited to announce the newest addition to our social family: the IBM Big Data & Analytics LinkedIn Showcase Page.  Read More

InfoSphere Streams 3.2 Announced

October 22, 2013
It seems like a “Back to the Future” moment. Here we are with the IBM InfoSphere Streams v3.2 announcement, the latest version of our product for handling stream computing and complex event processing. Read More

Big Data Impacts One And All

October 16, 2013
To serve a growing customer base and better manage the client experience across all customer touch points, organisations are moving away from siloed transaction-oriented systems – such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and dealer management systems – in Read More

Tweets Are The Fruit Flies Of Consumer-Facing Data Science—For Better and Worse

September 5, 2013
Businesses are plunging headlong into the age of social listening analytics without fully thinking through the many issues surrounding the quality of this intelligence. There is plenty of valuable customer intelligence to be had from filtering the social firehose. Read More

Influence Marketing and the Customer Experience

June 17, 2013
“We live in an influence economy. For chief marketing officers (CMO), the next best action must always be to engage the right mix of influential parties–including channels, customers, bloggers, tweeters, industry analysts and other opinion shapers–at every point in time. As influencers multiply, however, it’s getting harder for CMOs to sort through the field to find the specific ones with the most clout that you must engage further.” [Excerpt from Next Best Action in the Influence Economy]  In our last #CXO chat, Danny Brown and Sam Fiorella, co-authors of Influence Marketing: How to Create, Manage and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media Marketing, joined us as we discussed Influence Marketing and the Customer Experience.  Read More

Security First & Integritie Managing Customer Satisfaction With Content Analytics

May 6, 2013
Before you continue reading this blog, take a look at your phone's address book. Do you have the number to your insurance company? I can confidently say that I have mine properly entered...well, I can say that as of twenty minutes ago. Read More

Crowdsourced Surveillance: Next Big App of Big Media

May 3, 2013
Boston’s recent ordeal demonstrated to everybody that civilization now has a powerful new tool for constant surveillance. Whether we use it in the cause of catching the bad guys or letting the bad guys control our lives is another question. Read More