information governance

How do you find and define your customers in a big data environment?

October 23, 2014
Every day hundreds of articles and blogs are written about the theoretical value of big data, but many don’t offer actionable specifics. At IBM Insight on October 28, we are correcting this historical shortcoming and showcasing how big data (specifically Big Match) is enabling a single view of a customer in a Hadoop environment.   Read More

Get off the fence and get insight!

July 29, 2014
In the world of big data, the elephant is king. Hadoop, whose elephant logo has become the face of big data, has been joined in the big data jungle by many friends: Pig, Jaql and even a ZooKeeper to keep them all in line. The entire big data jungle will be making a trip to Las Vegas in October for the world’s largest big data conference: IBM Insight. Read More

Big data in healthcare needs governance

June 25, 2014
Building confidence in the big data and analytic initiatives requires good governance. Data from a variety of sources, and in different formats, heightens the need for strong, proactive governance. Health information management professions area ideal candidates for this critical need.   Read More

Patient identification and matching: The journey continues

May 7, 2014
Patient identification and patient matching have been a decades-long challenge for the healthcare industry. Hear some of the recent industry activities addressing these challenges, as well as the UPMC case study.  Read More

3 steps to successful healthcare consumer engagement

March 28, 2014
There are many paths to actively engaging consumers in their health and wellness, and the ONC Patient Matching Final report provided yet another avenue. Read More

ONC Patient Identification and Matching Report: The journey continues

March 11, 2014
Patient matching requires a solution that includes people, process and technology. There is no silver bullet such as a national patient identifier. Read More

Real-time analytics: See it at HIMSS

February 20, 2014
HIMSS14 attendees are in for a treat this year; in addition to the amazing educational sessions and exhibits, visitors will have the opportunity to an exciting story about real-time analytics for research and data quality. Read More

Are You Taking Big Data Out of Context?

October 28, 2013
Big data means more data – from more sources, in more formats. It also involves data that is created at a more rapid pace. All of those factors make it harder to establish context. Where did this data come from? How much do you trust it? What steps were taken to correct, or massage, the data? Read More

No security? No data? Big problem!

October 7, 2013
Protecting and security sensitive big data is necessary to ensure data is shared for new forms of analysis. Read More

Living the Big Data Dream: Confidence, Confidentiality and Continuous Automation in the 21st Century

September 26, 2013
Big data is about much more than scaling, accelerating and broadening your analytic applications. Read More