Mapping change to opportunity: New imperatives for big data and analytics

March 26, 2014
A recently released infographic aids in understanding how big data capabilities map back to enterprise strategic imperatives. I'll break this infographics down into steps and discuss each level for clarity and definition. Read More

Paving New Roads through Unexplored Terrain of Big Data

July 15, 2013
In today’s world, many can compare their big data landscape to a vast wilderness. We know it exists and it is growing in size, volume and complexity – but do we know what is really growing and taking roots. Are there valuable resources that, if mined, could create new growth and opportunities? Read More

Most Popular Infographics, Animations & Presentations of 2013 - So Far

July 12, 2013
To close out our week of looking at the most popular content from the first half of 2013, we turn to the King of Content: Infographics, Animations and Presentations. Read More

From Complex Weave to Intricate Pattern: 360 View of the Customer

June 26, 2013
With multiple channels and numerous ways to interact with companies, today’s customer journey is a complex weave of paths. Often, customers start and end their journey before the business is even aware of it. Read More

The Big Datastillery: Strategies to Accelerate the Return on Digital Data

March 18, 2013
IBM recently hosted a webinar that covered the results of the Aberdeen 2013 Big Data for Marketing survey. As a follow up to the event, we created an infographic that summarizes the research in a way that is both interesting and fun to digest and share. Read More

Harness the Power of Big Data for a New Economy

February 27, 2013
We are experiencing the creation of an economy powered by a new business resource: big data.  Although most assets deplete with use, data is self-perpetuating. Leading organizations are leveraging an analytics-driven approach—fueled by data—to achieve sustainable marketplace advantage and create entirely new business models. Read More

The Crowdsourced Editorial Calendar: You Drive the Content!

October 1, 2012
What big data questions would you like to assign our team of big data experts?  As we begin to flesh out our Q4 editorial calendar, we'd love get your input.  What types of use-cases are you most interested in?  What technologies do you find most intriguing? What topics would you like us cover? Read More