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Big data strategy Twitter chat recap

March 27, 2014
I recently participated in a Twitter chat on big data strategy hosted by @IBMbigdata. Read More

Ready-to-warehouse: It’s time for the thoroughly modern makeover

March 19, 2014
Does your warehouse need a modern makeover? Data warehouse modernization is about more than just offloading data into Hadoop. It’s about using new technologies like in-memory, stream computing, Hadoop and appliances to optimize the warehouse environment, all while building confidence in your data.  Read More

Why Compression is a Must in the Big Data Era

August 29, 2013
Just last week we had a very interesting #ibmblu twitterchat on "Controlling Your Data Footprint."  Many experts participated in this discussion and many great points were made. Read More

Big Data Analytics Will Permeate the Internet of Things

July 25, 2013
Big data is a key infrastructure in the Internet of Things (IoT), but it’s far from the only piece of the fabric. Read More

The Enterprise Data Warehouse is Virtualizing into the Big-Data Cloud

June 27, 2013
What is an enterprise data warehouse (EDW)? You’d think the industry would have achieved some consensus on this topic by now, but you’d be mistaken. Read More

There is No Single Version of the Truth

January 23, 2013
While “a single version of the truth” might sound reassuring, relying on such a strategy can seriously impede real-time businesses. For many missions, it’s time to embrace a plural version of the truth. Read More

Koby’s Big Data Predictions for 2013

January 3, 2013
Will this be the year of the “big data hybrid”? What will become of cross-scale architectures and next best action? Will governance finally take center stage? And will data scientists still be sexy? James Kobielus looks at all this and more in his predictions for 2013. Read More

When a Single Version of the Truth is a Job Half Done

November 19, 2012
For 27 years, at a site bordered to its south by the bank of the Moskva River, a deep hole and sparse foundations spoke of a country whose resources proved insufficient fuel for its leader’s vanity. Read More

Big Data, Big Discovery

November 1, 2012
The need to innovate and stay ahead of customer demands is even more imperative today. Read More

IBM PureData System Incorporates Common Platform for Analytics and Transactions

October 9, 2012
Big data is the core of your new enterprise application architecture. In the broader evolutionary picture, analytics and transactions will share a common big data infrastructure, encompassing storage, processing, memory, networking and other resources. Read More