Thriving in a customer driven world

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Customers are firmly in the driver’s seat dictating the way companies communicate with them, market to them and sell to them. They expect businesses to respond to their needs and demands immediately and accurately. Organizations that fail to fully embrace customer-centricity and shift their business strategies open themselves to being kicked to the curb. How then do companies change gears to thrive in a customer driven world?

In our next #CXO Twitter chat, guests Rob Markey (@rgmarkey), partner at Bain & Co and David Mitzenmacher (@davemitz), VP of customer success at Kareo lead the conversation and you can join easily using Tweetchat, where the hashtag #CXO is automatically appended to each tweet you send during the chat, streamlining the chat process.

Below are the questions we’ll be discussing as well as reference articles to help inspire the March 31 discussion at 12 p.m. EST. Join us!

#CXO chat discussion questions

  1. How can companies really understand customer needs, drivers and how they buy today?
  2. Can companies accurately predict a customer’s next turn and get there before the customer? How?
  3. With the customer firmly in the driver’s seat, how do companies drive engagement and leverage it for their advantage?
  4. How can big data help companies thrive in our customer driven world?
  5. In the quest for deeper customer understanding and loyalty, can businesses be too connected to customers? 
  6. How can businesses equip and empower employees for this customer driven world?
  7. What are the must-do-steps for businesses to succeed in today’s customer driven world?
  8. How can businesses prepare for the customer of 10 years from today—the truly digital customer?

#CXO chat reference articles:

#CXO Chat Guests:


Rob Markey is Head of Bain & Company's global Customer Strategy & Marketing practice. He specializes in product development, customer experience transformation, brand strategy and direct marketing. Rob is a long-time collaborator with Fred Reichheld on customer loyalty and co-author, The Ultimate Question 2.0 (Harvard Business Review Press, 2011).

Rob’s specialties include: customer strategy and marketing; customer loyalty; employee loyalty; customer segmentation; new product development; direct marketing; brand management; service operations and customer experience management


David Mitzenmacher is VP of customer success at Kareo. He provides leadership for the teams tasked with onboarding, training and supporting Kareo’s customers. David is responsible for driving strategies that enable Kareo’s mission: to free up doctors’ hands so that they can focus on the important work of patient care.

David specializes in helping growth-mode companies grow faster and smarter by designing, deploying and optimizing customer strategies. He has a proven track record of improving customer loyalty, cutting churn and improving customer lifetime value in some of the fastest growing companies in hypergrowth industries like cloud hosting, ecommerce and healthcare IT.

What is #CXO chat?

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How do you participate?

Just jump right in! Review the discussion questions posted to prepare your thoughts and answers. When the question is posed, begin your response with A1: for question 1, A2: for question 2, and so on. No answer is wrong! We look forward to seeing you at the #CXO water cooler hosted by @IBMBigData.

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