Big Data Use Cases

Transforming healthcare with contextually relevant data

April 18, 2014
There is a wealth of data in healthcare, but right now the potential to extract valuable insights is mired by the endemic challenges with data integration, patient privacy and culture. Read More

Moneyball is the true game-changing application of data analytics

April 17, 2014
Sport is just a branch of the entertainment industry. Read More

Big data and analytics for insurance: Make it personal

April 17, 2014
Insurers investing in the science of data and analytical capabilities can now monetize their data with greater certainty, creating value by customizing one-on-one policyholder interactions and personalized offers that quickly service their requests. Read the story that data can tell for insurance providers. Read More

From incomes to outcomes: Banks move from limited tunnel vision to unlimited focus

April 15, 2014
Many banks have data in their organizations right now that they're not monetizing. Analyzing customer interaction data will drive new revenue and improve customer retention. Read how IBM clients are analyzing call center interactions, web visits, chats and social data to better understand what their customers want. Read More

Big data ethics

April 15, 2014
Big data will change the face of modern society through the act of datafication. This will also require careful consideration on the possible misuse of this data. Read More

The evolving role of risk and how it drives value

April 14, 2014
IBM has introduced Smarter Risk, a new approach to enabling organizations to build trust and value amidst uncertainty. At The Evolving Role of Risk Forum April 9, IBM Business Analytics General Manager Alistair Rennie joined experts in risk management to share the latest thinking on this critical topic. Read More

Industries transformed by data

April 14, 2014
Dive into this new blog series exploring how data is transforming business and society—industry by industry. Read More

Are you in the matrix?

April 11, 2014
The blurry line between cyber and physical security Unfortunately, no organization or county can escape security threats. Rapid urbanization, increasing strain on natural resources and evolving global terror threats are the reality. Read More

Building quality in the customer experience

April 11, 2014
Service quality, product quality and customer experience are all intertwined as companies push to gain and maintain market supremacy. Given the number of channels and the amount of data companies have to navigate, maintaining quality levels have become even more challenging. In fact, “just 7 percent of customers are 'extremely satisfied' that brands provide a seamless, integrated and consistent customer service experience across channels. Join the #CXO Twitter chat on Monday, April 23 at 12 p.m. EST as we discuss building quality in the customer experience. Read More

The embryonic days of the data journalism industry are upon us

April 10, 2014
Remember the olden days when journalism meant reporting facts and keeping one's analysis laser-focused on those facts? I sure do. In fact, I once earned a master's degree in journalism. Read More