Fogs, logs and cogs: The newer, bigger shape of big data in the Internet of Things

February 26, 2015 | by James Kobielus, Big Data Evangelist, IBM
Big data is becoming the next best thing to true magic. It is everywhere and, increasingly, nowhere specific. Every node in the known computing universe is becoming a component in a vast, distributed, pervasive big data cloud. In an Internet of Things (IoT)-centric world, cloud’s processing,...

Get up to speed with stream computing at InterConnect 2015

February 20, 2015 | by Kimberly Madia, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager, InfoSphere Streams, IBM
It’s time to pack your bags for InterConnect 2015! This premier cloud and mobile conference is the perfect place to feature stream computing.

Big data: Think Smarter, not bigger

February 19, 2015 | by Bernard Marr, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Leading Business and Data Expert
Big data is changing the world, and will continue to do so. The problem is, people get confused by the name: big data. I’ve been saying for a while that the name is misleading—the truth is, it isn’t how big your data is, it’s what you do with it that matters!

The future of data potential is here

February 17, 2015 | by Jennifer McGinn, Big Data Product Marketing Manager, IBM
As the future gets closer and innovations become reality, the infrastructure that supports these once hard to believe concepts will need to evolve as well. 

5 reasons I love big data and analytics

February 13, 2015 | by Lillian Pierson, Data Viz Wiz, Data-mania
While I’m sure you’ll be off doing something terribly exciting and romantic to celebrate the day of love, a data nerd like me can’t think of anything more captivating than writing about my big love for big data and analytics. As my valentine to you, here are the top five reasons that I love big...

The dev@ was in the details, and in my delivery

February 12, 2015 | by James Kobielus, Big Data Evangelist, IBM
Let's take a closer look at the strengths, but mostly the weaknesses, of my Ignite dev@Insight 2014 presentation, “Data science is not a magic wand for diagnosing global warming.”

Spooky action at a personal distance

February 5, 2015 | by James Kobielus, Big Data Evangelist, IBM
Big data analytics is getting positively spooky in its ability to infer our intentions in real-time and in the context of our environments. In the Internet of Things (IoT) era, voice inputs, gestural interfaces, and data-driven inferences will be able to drive remote actions in your personal domain...

Using predictive analytics to win

January 30, 2015 | by Tim Moran, Director of Interactive Sales, WNEP-TV /
It’s that time of the year again: when fans begin lining up at the supermarkets to plan football weekend festivities. Let's take a look at how can predictive analytics be used in analyzing everything from performance to parking at the big event.

Good times with fast data

January 29, 2015 | by Kimberly Madia, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager, InfoSphere Streams, IBM
What’s your idea of a good time? How about lighting fast performance, scalability and cool applications? Learn why it’s true that the fastest data also has fun and innovative applications.

Protect yourself on Data Privacy Day

January 28, 2015 | by Richard Lee, Managing Partner, IMECS, LLC
Data Privacy Day is now much more than a day of focus on protecting your online data and personally identifiable information; it is now a stark reminder to everyone as to just how much our personal privacy is in jeopardy and how each of us must defend and protect this right.