Why analytics isn’t the answer for driving HR transformation

Why analytics isn’t the answer for driving HR transformation

May 4, 2015 | by Adam Jelic, Partner, Talent & Change Public Sector Leader, IBM
Many companies ask themselves how they can adapt to the current technological landscape. Workforce analytics alone are not enough. Developing and managing talent and workforce along with strong advocacy to champion transformation leads to successful outcomes.
How metalytics can translate petabytes into profit

How metalytics can translate petabytes into profit

April 15, 2015 | by Michael Schrage, Research Fellow, MIT Center for Digital Business
Thoughtful analytics ought to offer measurable insight into how—qualitatively and/or quantitatively—more data correlates with enhanced economic value. Call it the metalytics—analytics about analytics—of value creation and discovery. Data-driven organizations need to take metalytics metrics...
Develop a better world with Hadoop

Develop a better world with Hadoop

April 3, 2015 | by Jason Burns, ITSO Social Business Manager, IBM
How would you save the world? That’s the question we posed to the development community several months ago when we launched our Hadoop4Good Campaign.

Big data: Not just for big business

March 18, 2015 | by Nick Rojas, Independent Consultant, Self-Employed
Though big data has long been thought to be the domain of solely large-scale enterprises, more and more this perception is proving to be false.

Visualizing big science like never before

March 12, 2015 | by James Kobielus, Big Data Evangelist, IBM
Scientists are increasingly using computational methods to analyze larger samples of the populations of interest, as well as deeper correlations within those populations, than ever before. This is the new paradigm of whole-population analytics, which has become more feasible as storage costs...

How the Internet of Things is shaping modern business

March 11, 2015 | by Ahmed Banafa, Distinguished Tenured Staff, Faculty, Author, Speaker, Heald College
When an object can sense and communicate, it changes how and where decisions are made, and who makes them.

3 key shifts to digital business using advanced analytics

March 10, 2015 | by Pavel Abdur-Rahman, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM
According to Gartner, digital business is the “creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds." There are three key foundational shifts that are making the digital business phenomenon real. Interestingly, these tectonic shifts are also driving faster adoption of...

How everyone can become a data scientist

February 20, 2015 | by Rob Thomas, Vice President, Product Development, Analytics, IBM
IBM announces a set of tools, technology and processes to bring data science to the masses.

Simulating customer cognition with or without neuroscience

January 23, 2015 | by James Kobielus, Big Data Evangelist, IBM
Functional simulation, not literal cloning, is the heart of cognitive computing. To understand the cognition of customers or any other human, you should be modeling the higher cognitive, affective and sensory faculties of the mind, not the actual physical components of the brain. Most cognitive-...

Fathoming photos at algorithmic speed

January 9, 2015 | by James Kobielus, Big Data Evangelist, IBM
In this era of big media, more and more digital photos are, by default, being uploaded to the cloud soon after they’re captured. But who has the time and, considering the swelling magnitudes of video and photo contents in the world, where would we ever find enough humans to review, curate and...