Visualize, understand and act: Big data and analytics in the cloud

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Product Manager, AnalyticsZone, IBM

If you’ve been sitting on the fence regarding making analytics pervasive across the enterprise, I think it’s high time you act. All the data is here to support this argument. Last week IBM announced new cloud-based software that makes high-powered analytics solutions even more accessible to the broad spectrum of users across the enterprise, leveraged with even greater ease and convenience than before.

You’ll see the same capabilities you know and expect from us, only now departments and functions that otherwise only dreamed of having robust tools available at their fingertips now have access to these technologies like never before. Business users and decision makers don’t need advanced degrees, intensive training or even programming backgrounds to use these tools either—not even close.

These new cloud-based solutions quickly drive value for business users (or if you like, information consumers) who might otherwise lack analytics expertise. If they can point-and-click, they can use these solutions minimizing any training investment concerns that might hinder your buy-in. With all the new capabilities in this product users will enjoy a wider and deeper transparency into the ‘data story’ by being able to:

  • Better manage the increasing volume and complexity of processes and tasks
  • More ably support them out of the office and on the run through mobile device connectivity
  • Easily collaborate though its built-in social capabilities across the platform

Additional tools worthy of note include:

  • A new analytic discovery and visualization tool that lets everyday business users visually interact with and apply advanced analytics to big data without needing the specialized skills of a data scientist.
  • Risk and governance software that allows businesses to develop a comprehensive compliance and risk management strategy across a variety of domains, which will be available as a managed service on IBM SoftLayer.

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