What's in store for a data scientist at Think 2018

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If your job title contains words "data" and "scientist," you’re in an elite group of in-demand professionals. Your job is a highly complex discipline with the task of making data relevant, elegant and insightful. You need a technical background, but you also need the curiosity and creativity to take your inquiry layers deeper.

Data scientists often are the connective tissue between IT and C-level executives, and as such, they need to speak both languages and understand the hierarchy of data. Today’s data scientist needs to be able to communicate findings to both business and IT leaders in a way that can influence how an organization approaches business challenges. 

This is why the IBM Think 2018 conference in Las Vegas is the destination for the latest tools, demos, tips and insights that will accelerate your understanding and practice of data science. You’ll see how data science is impacting pretty much every major industry with multiple client case studies.

Jump start your Tuesday with the 4:30 PM keynote, “Making Data Simple and Accessible.” Hear from IBM Analytics General Manager Rob Thomas and Watson General Manager Beth Smith speak about creating a data-driven culture built upon a discipline of data science and making your data simple and accessible, regardless of where it lives. 

Next, you’ll want to take of the core sessions in the campus running daily:

  • "Couples Therapy: Bringing Data Science and IT Leaders Together"
  • "Operationalizing Machine Learning: Lessons from the Field"
  •  "Meeting the Demand for Data Scientists: Embracing Visual and Programmatic Modeling"
  •  "Gaining Cognitive Insights from Unstructured Data for Better Business Outcome across Industries"

From there, clients including CIT Group, Jet Blue, Liberty Chile, BayCare and Fukoku Life Insurance will share how they’re unlocking the potential of their data and accelerating their climb to the transformational power of AI.

One of our favorites is the client session with Aginity, in which Major League Baseball expert Ari Kaplan, Joe Chow, an H2O data scientist, and David Kearns from the IBM Analytics Ecosystem will showcase the latest machine learning technologies and concepts powering today’s baseball decisions, including Hortonworks Data Platform, Spark, Aginity Amp,, IBM Data Science Experience and more. You will then step up to the plate as general manager to see how your player decisions would stack up under World Series pressure.

Want to go deeper? Don’t miss four daily think tank topics that will bring you closer to the experts and topics touched on during the breakout sessions.

"Machine Learning 101" will delve into the fundamentals of machine learning, including the main algorithms, techniques, open source tools and evaluation strategies. It also introduces the pipeline of stages needed to productize a machine learning system. Author Oscar D. Lara Yejas will cover complex technical concepts with a practical approach so that no math or statistics background is needed.

As a bonus, you’ll also snag a free copy of Machine Learning for Dummies.

Finally, stretch your knowledge of data science applications with "Reimagining City Life with Data Science." This think tank features Urban Us, which invest in startups that reimagine city life. Urban Us connect teams with other founders, investors and customers focused on cities. In this session, you’ll see how Urban Us used Data Science Experience to apply data science techniques to understand what urban tech companies are building. A machine learning model was trained that predicts if a new company is building an urban tech solution and whether they represent promising investments.

Getting the most from a data science agenda requires more than data scientists. At Think 2018, you’ll learn to view data science as a team sport involving multiple roles and appropriate tools that help organizations tap into the benefits data science can bring wherever the business opportunity is.

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