Where do you turn for innovation?

Leading organizations are relying on chief data officers for innovation and transformation

Emerging roles and markets leader, Big Data & Analytics Category Team, IBM

Whether you call them a chief data officer, a chief data scientist or an enterprise information management leader, start by putting an executive in charge of your data and analytics like Verizon did.

Executives skilled in data and analytics see the opportunity in the data the company holds. It would be easy to chalk these leaders up as either glorified data stewards or business analysts on steroids, but that would be an underestimation that could very well cost your organization its potential for an innovative, competitive edge.

I ask you to consider where in your organization you turn for innovation. Are those leaders fully educated in both business strategy and data strategy? Could they, for example, not only figure out what customers want but also predict what else the customer could desire--even before the customer knows? And can they then work with IT to set up real-time data systems for immediate action?

Of course, these data and analytics executives are skilled at basic data blocking and tackling—wrangling of data if you will. But it’s their vision of how they use the organization’s data to engage new customer sets, create new data driven products and leverage existing data in new ways that no one thought of before that makes them unique and in high demand.

This short video features commentary from Ashok Srivastava, Verizon’s chief data scientist, on how he brings this kind of innovation to life.

To find out more about the Chief Data Officer role, please visit the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub.

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