Managing the lifecycle of big data

April 11, 2014
You might not think of data as a living thing, but it does have a life cycle. For some data, it's fleeting, but other data may live for decades. How do you determine how long to keep data and how to handle it while it's in your care?  Read More

Are you in the matrix?

April 11, 2014
The blurry line between cyber and physical security Unfortunately, no organization or county can escape security threats. Rapid urbanization, increasing strain on natural resources and evolving global terror threats are the reality. Read More

Building quality in the customer experience

April 11, 2014
Service quality, product quality and customer experience are all intertwined as companies push to gain and maintain market supremacy. Given the number of channels and the amount of data companies have to navigate, maintaining quality levels have become even more challenging. In fact, “just 7 percent of customers are 'extremely satisfied' that brands provide a seamless, integrated and consistent customer service experience across channels. Join the #CXO Twitter chat on Monday, April 23 at 12 p.m. EST as we discuss building quality in the customer experience. Read More

The embryonic days of the data journalism industry are upon us

April 10, 2014
Remember the olden days when journalism meant reporting facts and keeping one's analysis laser-focused on those facts? I sure do. In fact, I once earned a master's degree in journalism. Read More

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: John Naduvathusseril

April 8, 2014
This week's Big Data & Analytics Hero, John Naduvathusseril, chief data architect for Nielsen Company, shares how we can flip the equation so that the challenge of big data becomes more of an opportunity for actionable insights. Read More

Data: To have and to hold?

April 8, 2014
Or to analyze, act and then move on? It’s time for a more open relationship. Now announcing Streams v3.2.1. Read More

It’s about the people: Part 2

April 7, 2014
Customer experience (CX) is all about people getting what they need in their lives. People in your company are central to designing and delivering great customer experiences.  As we discussed in part 1, human resources (HR) departments can make a big difference is helping companies achieve CX goals by placing HR’s work within the bigger picture of external customers’ needs, helping executives establish a customer-focused strategy and injecting a CX backdrop in the way HR facilitates hiring, developing and recognizing employees. Read More

Hadoop and the big data opportunity

April 7, 2014
According to Forrester Research in their recent Hadoop Solutions Wave, “Hadoop is a solution to the problem of big data.” I have a slightly different take on this statement: "Hadoop is a solution to the opportunity of big data." Hadoop is effective for managing vast, diverse and varied data, and, when combined with data warehousing, security and visualization capabilities, Hadoop creates a modern data management strategy. Whether your business objectives are to monitor log files, understand customer sentiment, analyze click stream data or a number of other use cases, Hadoop may be the missing link in your architecture to capitalize on the opportunities presented by big data.   Read More

The IBM Fellows program introduces a new member

April 7, 2014
"It’s the single biggest thing that ever happened to me. It really caught me off guard. " Mike Haydock on learning he's become a new IBM Fellow Read More

The car of the future from PSA Peugeot Citroen and IBM

April 4, 2014
This announcement from IBM and PSA Peugeot Citroen is a significant step forward for both companies and the automotive industry. Read More