Next Best Action in the Ever-Virtualizing Physical Point of Sale

July 17, 2012
As brick-and-mortar outlets are crumbling or being "showroomed" out of existence, how should retail adapt to digital channels? James Kobielus looks at IBM Research's prototype of a mobile shopping app that uses augmented reality technology to transform the in-person shopping experience. How could this transform the customer "journey" by adding multiple decision points - and points of sale? Read More

Week's Worth of Koby Quick Hits: July 2-13, 2012

July 16, 2012
James Kobielus recaps his recent Facebook Quick Hits, on RAM as a dumping ground, big data's optimal deployment model, frictionless sandboxes, sexy statistics and big data "scores," and advanced visualization. Read More

Healthy Data: A Diet of Thoughtful Consumption

July 13, 2012
There are many similarities between data and food. Food fuels our bodies, data fuels our IT systems – especially our analytical systems.  Eating right is a key enabler to our health. Consuming the right amounts of the right data can be a key enabler for insightful analytics.  So just as we try to be thoughtful in our eating habits (with, of course, the occasional exception), we should also be thoughtful in our data consumption. Read More

IBM’s Social Sentiment Index Crowns Andy Murray & Serena Williams as Social Champions

July 10, 2012
According to fans on Twitter, Wimbledon women's champion, Serena Williams, and men's finalist, Andy Murray, have been crowned the most popular social players from the 2012 Wimbledon Championships Read More

CERN Finding - A Trimuph of Big DATA

July 5, 2012
On July 4th, CERN scientists announced that they observed a particle that strongly resembles the Higgs boson, a critical element of the standard model of particle physics.  This particle is thought to Read More

Data Scientists: Myths and Mathemagical Superpowers

June 29, 2012
James Kobielus busts 10 myths about data scientists and explains their "mathemagical" superpowers.  Read More

Week's Worth of Koby Quick Hits: June 25-29, 2012

June 29, 2012
James Kobielus recaps the quick-hit ponderings from the IBM Netezza Facebook page. He went deeper on the themes of sexy statistics, Hadoop uber-alles, smartphones as big data analytics platforms, and big data's optimal deployment model. And he opened up a fresh topic: frictionless sandboxes. Read More

Semi-Structured data analytics: Relational or Hadoop platform? Part 1

June 26, 2012
What exactly is 'semi-structured' data? How is it different from relational data? And what about 'structured, but not relational' data? Dai Clegg explains the intricacies of semi-structured data and how it fits into relaitonal or Hadoop platforms. Using an example of a telco seeking affinity analysis, find out how to leverage semi-structured data.  Read More

Make Turing Proud: Next Best Action in Multichannel Conversations

June 26, 2012
By using your data, you can "humanize" your conversations with customers, regardless of which channel they use to interact with your organization. Find out how IBM Watson's architecture may serve as a model for more intelligent engagement. Read More

Week's Worth of Koby Quick Hits: June 18 - 22, 2012

June 22, 2012
Here are the quick-hit ponderings that I posted on the IBM Netezza Facebook page this past week. I went deeper on the themes of experience optimization, Hadoop, big data crowdsourcing, and DW appliance proofs of concept. And I opened up a fresh topic: big data's optimal deployment role. I also attended and spoke at the Hadoop Summit last week, which stimulated many thoughts you'll find reflected in this coming week's quick-hits: Read More