SUNY researchers shine light on causes of multiple sclerosis

April 26, 2012
Monty Python’s Mr Gumby was anatomically on the money when he exclaimed “my brain hurts”. Our brains and bodies communicate via long axons that run from gray matter through our spinal cords. Neural communication is two way – when we cut a finger or knock a shin messages charge across a network of nerves to reach our brains, and it’s from here that feelings of physical hurt emanate. Communicating bodily damage is just one type of bi-directional traffic flowing between our brains and spinal cords; this network’s vital importance becomes devastating obvious when it fails. Read More

Bringing Federated Discovery and Navigation to Big Data

April 25, 2012
Today, IBM is excited to announce the acquisition of Vivisimo to our big data portfolio. Vivisimo’s federated discovery and navigation capabilities are a key addition to IBM’s big data platform strategy. Read More

High Powered Profiling: Emerging Best Practice for Big Data

April 25, 2012
If you're not careful, your Big Data investment can degenerate from a strategic asset into an unmanageable burden. I'm not speaking about the potential complexity and cost of the underlying Big Data platform, though those are important concerns. What I'm referring to is the unfortunate tendency that many data professionals have of throwing gobs of data into their “Ha-dump” without any clear idea of when, how, or why they might need to use it. Read More

Big Data Analyst Crosses Over to the "Dark Side"? Hardly.

April 23, 2012
This is just a quick introductory note to let you know that I have joined IBM as Senior Program Director, Product Marketing, big data analytics Solutions, within the Netezza  team. My core reason for joining IBM is that it’s a great company with a full portfolio of best-of-breed solutions and services for big data analytics and other mission-critical enterprise applications. Among other responsibilities, I will serve as one of IBM’s principal big data analytics evangelists. Read More

The Importance of Agility for Analytic Applications

April 20, 2012
In the context of data warehousing, agility means that the system can quickly and easily adapt to and accommodate; changes in data volumes, new data sources, new subject areas, new applications and/or new users. In order for a data warehouse to be able to do this, it needs to be able to run any query against any data model/schema. It must also be able to process all of the data, no mater what the query or what table(s) are being accessed, and do so quickly – without impacting the other users of the system. Read More

The Perfect Analytical Storm

April 13, 2012
Commercial and government organizations are staring at the confluence of three unique events: ·  The unprecedented volumes of data ·  The need to easily analyze it, make sense of it and put it into action ·  The importance of driving real business value from this analysis Read More

US Federal Government and Big Data

April 11, 2012
I tuned into the recent US federal government’s web-cast. I was curious to see what a government big data initiative would look like, as my government (UK) is unlikely to produce anything equivalent any time soon. They and their opponents are too busy trying to prove that they’re not entirely removed from the concerns of the ordinary citizen. Read More

Is There a Better Option?

April 9, 2012
Is there a better option? Not a comment you ever want a customer to utter to themselves, especially in competitive industries such as telecommunications, banking, retail or insurance. Read More

No Mulligans Necessary with Smarter Analytics

April 6, 2012
FORE! Golf is all about analytics. As you watch golf on television or take "a good walk spoiled" yourself, think about all of the data calculations made before the right club is selected to hit a golf ball on the tee or fairway: Read More

Ushering in a New Age of Enlightenment

April 5, 2012
In 18th century Europe, a group of intellectuals seized control of reason to challenge the systems of power and faith. Read More