The Mainframe Ate IBM Netezza

October 24, 2011
Smart Consolidation recommends running workloads on the platform best suited to the purpose, and for many of the world’s largest organizations IBM’s System z – the mainframe – is the system powering their transactional heartbeats. The newly-announced IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) for z/OS brings the analytics performance of IBM Netezza into System z. To discover more, I spoke with two of my colleagues at IBM: Gary Crupi, Executive IT Specialist and Ola Mayer, Product Management Director. Read More

Heading to IOD in Vegas, Baby!

October 23, 2011
With all the preparations complete and the presentations, meetings and events all scheduled there’s finally a chance to reflect. So I thought I would provide some thoughts from 35,000 feet, while winging my way to the IBM Information On Demand 2011 show in Vegas. Read More

Combine expertise with technology and become an analytic organization

October 21, 2011
At a recent conference I heard a presenter suggest "If your company isn’t embracing data, you risk joining the walking dead". While this sounds alarmist, IBM’s 2010 CFO Study confirms leveraging business analytics as a strategy is sounder than ignoring value buried in data: organizations embracing analytics report increasing their compounded annual growth by 49%, raising profit by as much as 20x and returning 30% gains on investments. Read More

IBM Netezza: Success through Internal Collaboration

October 18, 2011
I was on a plane on fourteen hour flight to the International Business Awards this month and pulled out the July –August 2011 Harvard Business Review magazine I brought with me. The cover story, “Building a Collaborative Enterprise  ,”   focused on creating a business culture of trust and innovation through collaboration. It was a timely read, as it has been a year since IBM purchased Netezza and we are starting to experience the value of collaborating with our IBM counterparts.  A couple of weeks ago, I spent an afternoon at IBM’s learning center with some of the leaders of recent acquisitions of IBM: Blade Network Technologies, Cap Data, Netezza, PSS, Cognos and Sterling Commerce to name a few. Read More

Making Sloe Truffles with BigInsights and IBM Netezza

October 18, 2011
For a while now at IBM Netezza we’ve been observing that the grail of a unified Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is often not achieved. It still remains an ideal - all your data, cleansed, de-duplicated, governed, in one single place - but in reality not all organizations that attempt it, have achieved it and plenty have abandoned it as a goal - preferring a core EDW with a proliferation of application-specific data marts surrounding it. Read More

Analytics Enable Businesses and Bring Dreams to Life

October 17, 2011
I’m pretty jazzed about what I do because analytics truly drives business – unlike most IT solutions, analytics helps increase the top line (revenue), not just reducing the bottom line (cost). But I was recently blown away as I read an article in the MIT Technology Review magazine entitled, The TR35, that highlighted the magazine’s top 35 innovators under the age of 35. Many of the top 35 innovators leveraged analytics to produce their award-winning technologies and businesses. Read More

IBM Netezza Wins 2011 Stevie Award for International Support Department of the Year

October 13, 2011
First and foremost, we like to focus on our customers success at IBM Netezza, but it's also gratifying to receive recognition from our peers in the business world. This week I traveled to Abu Dhabi for the Eighth Annual International Business Awards, where IBM Netezza was honored with a Stevie Award for International Support Department of the Year.  We also received four distinguished honoree awards in Customer Support categories. As you can see from the picture, it was a bit of a challenge packing all of these awards for the trip home to Boston! Read More

[x+1]: Innovation in Audience Targeting

October 4, 2011
[x+1], a leading audience targeting platform,  has achieved remarkable success in executing marketing campaigns for their clients by analyzing massive volumes of advertising data in near real-time.  Their story is highlighted in the case study materials below, and while it is compelling for many reasons, I’d like to highlight three key takeaways: Read More

Not All In-Database Analytics Systems Are Created Equal

September 30, 2011
Co-Author: Matt Benati, Senior Director Product Marketing Leading organizations differentiate themselves by analyzing massive amounts of interrelated data to predict business outcomes. High-volume, complex data analytics requires detailed data (not summaries) because influencing an individual’s actions requires that you track and analyze their unique interactions with your company.  Traditional analytic systems and traditional databases cannot meet today’s need for predictive analytics on massive amounts of data. Read More

IBM Netezza: Success through Customer Collaboration

September 27, 2011
The number one concern of CEOs these days is getting to know their customers better. That finding comes from a survey of 1500 CEOs conducted by IBM and is cited by Paul Greenberg of ZDNet and by a Coveo advisory board meeting I recently attended. According to the survey, more than innovation, more than scaleability , CEOs say understanding customer needs is their top goal. Getting closer to our customers has been and continues to be key to our success at IBM Netezza.  We get close to our customers by collaborating with them. Collaboration doesn't just benefit the customer, it also benefits the business.Working together as a team to solve problems means your customers aren't them, they are us. If you start with this premise and keep loyal to it, your entire way of thinking about what you are doing is going to be dramatically transformed for the better. Read More