It’s about the people: Part 1

March 31, 2014
People are at the center of providing and receiving customer experiences. It is commonly accepted that engaged employees are a prerequisite for high-value, engaged customers. So, it stands to reason that human resources (HR) departments have great potential to influence customer experience (CX). This topic was discussed in a recent #CXO twitter chat, where participants expressed both hope and doubt about HR’s role in CX efforts. Read More

Join me at Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit

March 28, 2014
I’m heading to the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit in Las Vegas. At this event, IBM is a premier sponsor, and will have a strong presence in the exhibit hall (Booth #401) where we’ll be demonstrating leading edge products, such as Watson Analytics, Analytic Catalyst and IBM Concert. Read More

3 steps to successful healthcare consumer engagement

March 28, 2014
There are many paths to actively engaging consumers in their health and wellness, and the ONC Patient Matching Final report provided yet another avenue. Read More

Justifying MDM beyond cost savings to enable big data and analytics (part nine)

March 28, 2014
In the marketing segmentation scenario we discussed in my last blog post, cost savings from improved mailings did not provide enough savings to make an MDM project profitable. Read More

Building a big data team

March 28, 2014
Big data projects often involve exploring new business challenges and using new technology alongside existing applications. But who is doing this work? What skills and personalities are needed? Read More

Big data strategy Twitter chat recap

March 27, 2014
I recently participated in a Twitter chat on big data strategy hosted by @IBMbigdata. Read More

The evolution of complex event processing

March 27, 2014
A shift from queries to real-time actionable insight Complex event processing: Roots and origins Read More

Rules of thumb for identifying and prioritizing big data applications

March 27, 2014
It would be nice to have a crisp algorithm to pick and choose among potential big-data applications. But there isn't one. Read More

Where do you turn for innovation?

March 27, 2014
Leading organizations are relying on chief data officers for innovation and transformation. Read More

Thriving in a customer driven world

March 26, 2014
Organizations that fail to fully embrace customer-centricity and shift their business strategies open themselves to being kicked to the curb. How then do companies change gears to thrive in a customer driven world? We discuss this in out next #CXO twitter chat. Read More