Where do you turn for innovation?

March 27, 2014
Leading organizations are relying on chief data officers for innovation and transformation. Read More

Rules of thumb for identifying and prioritizing big data applications

March 27, 2014
It would be nice to have a crisp algorithm to pick and choose among potential big-data applications. But there isn't one. Read More

Thriving in a customer driven world

March 26, 2014
Organizations that fail to fully embrace customer-centricity and shift their business strategies open themselves to being kicked to the curb. How then do companies change gears to thrive in a customer driven world? We discuss this in out next #CXO twitter chat. Read More

Mapping change to opportunity: New imperatives for big data and analytics

March 26, 2014
A recently released infographic aids in understanding how big data capabilities map back to enterprise strategic imperatives. I'll break this infographics down into steps and discuss each level for clarity and definition. Read More

Countering fraud with big data and analytics

March 25, 2014
A standing room only crowd of invited guests converged at the New York Palace hotel on Thursday to listen to experts from government, insurance, healthcare and banking talk about one thing: countering fraud. Read More

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: Doug Stephens

March 25, 2014
Doug Stephens (@RetailProphet), Big Data & Analytics Hero this week, is the founder of Retail Prophet, a specialty advisory services company to the retail industry, and one of the world’s leading retail industry futurists. Read More

A more complex example for MDM ROI (part eight)

March 25, 2014
In my last post, I discussed a relatively simple business case scenario where an enterprise intends to implement MDM because their current process heavily relies on a th Read More

Include ethics when teaching big data

March 24, 2014
IBM’s Technical Consultancy Group led this academic colloquium last week on big data and analytics to collaborate with UK academics on research, teaching and technology. This was a high impact gathering of top-tier academic and industrial expertise discussing social, media and human-computer interaction (HCI) and teaching considerations, all addressing the topic of big data and analytics.   Read More

Analytics and Hadoop: Friends or foes?

March 24, 2014
For many, Hadoop is synonymous with big data and its Vs, often closely linked to analytics. Businesses are then trying to understand what solution is best for them. Is it Hadoop,analytics, both? In our next #BigDataMgmt Twitter chat, March 26th 12 ET we will discuss how Hadoop and analytics play together.  Read More

Using data stream analysis in brain research at UCLA’s School of Medicine

March 21, 2014
I recently spoke with Dr. Paul Vespa, a professor of neurosurgery and neurology as well as director of neurocritical care at the University of California’s Los Angeles (UCLA) campus. The kind of work that Dr. Vespa and other colleagues do involves brain research (they collect vital signs information using a variety of sensors and track the dynamics of brain functions). Further, these doctors provide care for patients with critical brain injuries.  Read More