Bringing big data analytics to rural and community hospitals

CPSI, TruBridge and IBM

December 1, 2014 | by Eric Sall, VP, Worldwide Marketing, Business Analytics, IBM
Big data analytics aren’t just for big organizations or big cities. In fact big data analytics can be especially useful when the data in question is diffuse—spread out over a number of small facilities and then aggregated to identify trends and patterns that might otherwise be overlooked. CPSI and...

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: Ben Snyman

November 25, 2014 | by Natasha Bishop, Big Data Strategy lead, IBM
“Roof stability and effective support is quite a challenge,” declares Ben Snyman, VP of Underground Mining and Smart Services at Joy Global and this week’s Big Data Hero. “If the roof has a problem, production halts. We cannot afford to wait around for a report telling us there is a problem. We...

Taking a more refined approach to big data

November 24, 2014 | by David Corrigan, Director, Product Marketing, InfoSphere, IBM
Data refinement is one of the most important revelations in the big data market. The idea is simple: you want to take advantage of and use all sources of big data. But when each individual user needs only information relevant to them, what’s needed is a data refinery. It automatically cleans,...

It's time to use Hadoop for social good—are you in?

November 24, 2014 | by Courtney Pallotta, Go-to-market leader, Big Data, IBM
Last month I introduced the Big Data for Social Good Challenge and since then it has opened for submissions with data sets from around the globe plus lots of prize winning opportunities. You might have seen that Chip and Jason are in—are you?

Velocity is now the competitive differentiator for big data

November 21, 2014 | by Bob Palmer, Global Banking Industry Marketing, Big Data, IBM
In 2014, there were several important shifts that occurred in the world of big data that business executives around the globe cannot afford to ignore. These shifts are outlined in the new IBM Institute for Business Value study “Analytics: The speed advantage - Why data-driven organizations are...

Tracking tries and predicting winners

November 21, 2014 | by Sarah Warsaw, Social Media Specialist, Big Data, SWG UKI, IBM
The Rugby Football Union (RFU) is currently using the IBM TryTracker to analyze real-time data from England's four international games this month. How has team England been doing?

Announcing IBM DataWorks: A cloud-based data refinery

November 20, 2014 | by David Corrigan, Director, Product Marketing, InfoSphere, IBM
Last month at Insight 2014, IBM made an exciting announcement: IBM DataWorks is available now. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive; clients who have or will soon have a data lake were very keen on the notion of data refinement. In fact, a data refinery is a natural fit with a data lake. 

Cognitive computing: Programming the artificial mind

November 20, 2014 | by James Kobielus, Big Data Evangelist, IBM
When you want to take artificial intelligence out of the realm of imagination and poetry, and bring it squarely into practical reality, you need computational tools. The tools need to help your cognitive application developers write the leanest models possible. Developers need frameworks, languages...

Powering operational efficiency with IBM Informix TimeSeries

November 19, 2014 | by Sajan Kuttappa, SWG Informix Social Media Marketing & Communications Manager, IBM
How do you streamline operations of a combined cycle power plant consisting of boilers, ACCs, gas and steam turbines, water treatment plants and more that supplies power to 22 percent of a state in Malaysia? 

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: David Vinson

November 18, 2014 | by Natasha Bishop, Big Data Strategy lead, IBM
David Vinson, business intelligence and analytics lead at Nike, believe that There’s a lot of new data out there—in fact, we now have access to data from the entire supply chain (from provisioning materials to build the shoe, to actually delivering the shoe on the dock, to selling the shoe). Big...