Plugging a lean, mean big-data-analyzing machine into manufacturing

March 21, 2014
I grew up in the Detroit area in the 1960s and 1970s, so I'm quite familiar with the wrenching dislocations caused by a manufacturing-based sector that was too stodgy and overbuilt to adapt in a pinch. Read More

Big data architecture: Methods to protect identity and the citizen

March 20, 2014
IBM’s Technical Consultancy Group led this academic colloquium last week on big data and analytics to collaborate with UK academics on research, teaching and technology. The colloguium was a high impact gathering of top-tier academic and industrial expertise identifies big data architecture and methodological issues for downstream research.   Read More

Where HR and customer experience intersect

March 20, 2014
People are on both sides of the customer experience equation: customers and employees. Though shifts in one side of the equation do not always equate to a shift in the other side, invariably the effect is tangible. With the employee as the biggest factor in the customer equation, how does the human resources department play a role in reshaping customer experience? Join this March 24 #CXO Twitter chat at 12 p.m. EST to discuss. Read More

Countering fraud: How IBM's new initiative uses big data and analytics

March 20, 2014
Criminal activity is rampant, and the brash sophistication of recent attacks—as well as the magnitude of damage— is making fraud a top priority. Consumers are concerned about their privacy and security., government agencies are working out how to address the volume of improper payments and claims and businesses are wrestling with financial losses as well as lasting brand damag Read More

Are data artists essential for big data success?

March 19, 2014
IBM’s Technical Consultancy Group led an academic colloquium last week on big data and analytics to collaborate with UK academics on research, teaching and technology. The break out group on applications and adoption of big data and analytics debated a number of challenges and initiatives to address them. Read More

Ready-to-warehouse: It’s time for the thoroughly modern makeover

March 19, 2014
Does your warehouse need a modern makeover? Data warehouse modernization is about more than just offloading data into Hadoop. It’s about using new technologies like in-memory, stream computing, Hadoop and appliances to optimize the warehouse environment, all while building confidence in your data.  Read More

IBV study on analytics, part 14: Driving change with analytics as a core competency

March 18, 2014
This is part 14 of our series on the findings and text from the IBM Institute for Business Value’s latest study and paper “Analytics: A blueprint for value - Converting big data and analytics insights into results” from my colleagues Fred Balboni, Glenn Finch, Read More

Big data is multi-disciplinary

March 18, 2014
UK academics collaborate at IBM colloquium on big data challenges Read More

Big Data & Analytics Heroes: Jenna McHugh

March 18, 2014
Jenna McHugh, this week's Big Data & Analytics Hero, leads and champions all Macy’s Employee Benefits strategies, oversees all financial and compliance for Macy’s Health and Welfare plans including budgeting, forecasting and reporting, and is responsible for developing dashboards and reports that allow Macy’s to make business intelligent decisions, improve operational efficiencies and increase shareholder value. In this week's installment, Jenna tells of a world where "merchandise will be much more accessible because of our ability to better forecast selling patterns." Read More

Big data challenges

March 17, 2014
The business environment is shifting and a new era of computing is upon us. As with all emerging markets this can present significant challenges. Every time there is major technology or market shift, there is a real opportunity for new leaders to emerge as others stumble and fail. Read More