Retail, Big Data and the Transforming CMO

October 9, 2012
CMOs (and their ranks of retail marketers and agencies) are working to bring creative-driven and data-driven marketing and advertising together in order to deliver relevance to consumers, drive stronger sales and discover deeper insight into audiences. Read More

Big Data In Healthcare: Yes!!

October 8, 2012
For the past few years, healthcare transformation discussions have centered around EMR adoption, data exchange and interoperability. Read More

Fording the Stream to Big Data Education

October 8, 2012
The biggest service a university can do for its students is to prepare them for a career. That seems pretty self-evident, but too often the courses are too narrow or too focused on “book learning.” Read More

Turning Large Volumes and Varieties of Data into Big Insight

October 8, 2012
This week's featured webcast on the IBM Big Data Virtual Event Center is focused on “Turning Large Volumes and Varieties of Data into Big Insight.” This informational, 15-minute webcast explores how IBM InfoSphere BigInsights uses the power of Hadoop to manage large volumes of both structured and Read More

Workload-optimized Systems? Integrated Management for Maximum Administrator Productivity

October 5, 2012
Unified management tooling is important for low lifecycle cost of ownership and high administrator productivity. Read More

Real-time Analytics - Low Latency and High Velocity

October 5, 2012
Well there’s real-time, then there’s real-time, then there’s real-time.  As so often with me, this post was first drafted on a plane, and when it comes to in-flight technology, real-time means very real-time. Read More

Workload-optimized Systems? Clean-slate Design for Optimal Appliance Performance

October 3, 2012
An appliance is a fit-for-purpose, repeatable node within your broader big-data architecture. Read More

Workload-optimized Systems? Built for and Building the Big Data Cloud

October 3, 2012
Big data is evolving into a cloud ecosystem. For example, it’s clear that Hadoop has already proven its core role in the big data ecosystem: as a petabyte-scalable staging, transformation, pre-processing and refinery cloud for unstructured content and embedded execution of advanced analytics. Read More

IBM Big Data Developer Days

October 2, 2012
In June, close to 80 developers in the Silicon Valley area attended the free IBM Big Data Developer Day event. It was a great chance for developers to learn about the latest IBM technologies for addressing big data challenges. Read More

Workload-optimized Systems? Scale In, Out and Up for Balanced Big Data Configurations

October 2, 2012
Big data is, fundamentally, a cloud-computing approach to advanced analytics and data management. The images that come to mind when somebody says “cloud computing” are a) increasingly sprawling server farms and b) increasingly huge server racks arranged in endless rows within these farms. Read More