Big Noise for Telecommunications Companies

November 15, 2012
I recently returned from Las Vegas where IBM hosted its annual Information On Demand conference with over 12,000 attendees. Read More

Energy and Utilities - Switching to Big Data

November 14, 2012
Energy and utility companies face increasing pressure to accurately predict the supply of energy attributable to renewable resources. By factoring in weather and other key variables, utilities can determine their capital investments and where and when to deploy new generation assets. Read More

Big Data, Big Analytics, Big Results – and Big Challenges?

November 13, 2012
I think we all understand that Big Data is a Big Deal. Every day we are hearing and seeing results that others are achieving and are more than intrigued about what is possible. Read More

3 Undergrads Walk Into a Room . . .

November 13, 2012
A Computer Science major, an Information Management major and a Marketing major sit in a classroom in Montana…No, It’s not the beginning of an epic joke; it happens to be a glimpse into the first ever undergraduate IBM InfoSphere Streams course. Read More

The Role of Data Quality in a Big Data Environment

November 12, 2012
How can we ensure the quality of big data? Big data, in its constant growth, relies on massive volumes of data that come from inconsistent sources, with ambiguous lineage and uncertain data currency. This has created one of the greatest challenges in today's big data environments. Read More

Data Scientist: Potential Superstars in Prediction Markets

November 9, 2012
Prediction markets are where data scientists will attain superstar status. Read More

Small Data + Big Data = Major Awakening in U.S. Election

November 8, 2012
While we eagerly await the first post-election “victory lap” article by Nate Silver – who correctly predicted the outcome of all 50 states in the United State Presidential election Tuesday – I want to share with you several of the top articles that Read More

Healthcare Analytics – Is it paying for itself?

November 8, 2012
Healthcare organizations are in the eye of an information overload storm. With EHR, EMR and with HIE implementation, there’s tons of data that will be available to payers, care providers and care management companies. Read More

Part III: IBM’s Strategy for Big Data and Analytics

November 7, 2012
In Part I of this series, we looked at the key considerations for an analytic enterprise to stay competitive in today’s world, and in Read More

NYSE Euronext Uses Big Data to Innovate and Prepare for the Future

November 6, 2012
NYSE Euronext, a leading global operator of financial markets and a provider of innovative trading technologies, operates exchanges in the United States and Europe. NYSE Euronext equities marketplaces represent one-third of equities trading worldwide. Read More