Next best action in the Internet of Things

January 24, 2013
“Next best action” is the silent decision-automation bus for the Internet of Things, enabling the integration pattern for never-ending optimization, leveraging advanced analytics and big data. Read More

There is No Single Version of the Truth

January 23, 2013
While “a single version of the truth” might sound reassuring, relying on such a strategy can seriously impede real-time businesses. For many missions, it’s time to embrace a plural version of the truth. Read More

Is Customer the King? In Retail, Analytics Say "Yes"

January 22, 2013
The customer-driven movement is getting stronger and stronger, and it’s about more than service—it’s about the experience you provide. The customer has indeed become the king for retailers, and smart retailers are using big data analytics to offer customized and personalized services and product. Read More

How Audience Measurement Is Changing The Model For Marketers & Advertisers

January 22, 2013
Today’s “empowered customer” puts businesses to the test. And that test goes way beyond their expectations of receiving a compelling customer experience regardless of how, when and where they engage a brand – be it brick and mortar, mobile or online. Read More

Roundup of Big Data Pundits' Predictions for 2013

January 18, 2013
Annual predictions are like relatives at a cocktail party: once you introduce them, you never know if they’ll flatter or embarrass you. But that doesn’t stop thought leaders, analysts and other subject matter experts from laying their reputations on the line every year for our education. Here is a roundup of what some of the top thinkers think about big data, Hadoop, analytics and data governance in 2013.  Read More

Data Scientist: Closing the Talent Gap

January 17, 2013
Nobody doubts that companies everywhere will continue to ramp up their hiring, recruitment and training of data scientists. But there seems to be a growing alarm that we won’t have enough data scientists to go around. Read More

Survey Fatigue

January 17, 2013
Survey fatigue is a problem across organizations. People rapidly lose interest in completing them, and many customers get frustrated when they don't see their survey input create change. Given this, are surveys really needed? That's what we explored in a recent #cxo Twitter chat. Read More

Healthcare 2013 – Don’t Leave Home Without Your Umbrella

January 16, 2013
The 2013 forecast for United States healthcare is stormy, but organizations that have begun to prepare will see sunny days ahead. Read More

Performance Drives Loyalty: Transforming Marketing at Constant Contact

January 16, 2013
Small business is the engine of the American economy. Read More

Data Privacy a Top Concern

January 15, 2013
In the first ever Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Masking, IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy Solution was named a leader, receiving the best ranking in the ability to execute and completeness of vision categories compared to competitors. Read More