IBM in the Hadoop world

May 2, 2014 | by Tina Groves, Product Strategist, IBM Business Intelligence, IBM
IBM’s leadership in the Hadoop world has been acknowledged by Gartner, IDC and, most recently, in Forrester Research’s recent publication, the Forrester Wave Big Data Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2014 Report. This leadership was established by delivering the world’s deepest portfolio of big data and...

Devices are talking in the era of big data: Are you ready?

May 1, 2014 | by Anita Chung, Program Director - Digital and Social Media Strategy, Database Software and Systems, IBM
The Internet of Things (IoT) has paved the way for new business opportunities and new client experiences that transform our experience in many ways. Read on to explore how you can leverage the IoT for informed decision making and local analytics by connecting the unconnected. .

Taking CX strategy to the C-suite

May 1, 2014 | by Natasha Bishop, Digital Marketing Lead, Public Services Sector, IBM Analytics
According to our research customers come second only to the C-suite in terms of the strategic influence they wield. When asked, “Who has the most influence on your strategic vision and business strategy?” 55 percent of interviewed CEOs cited customers. In our upcoming #CXO Twitter chat we discuss...

Data confidence: The proof's in the process

May 1, 2014 | by James Kobielus, Big Data Evangelist, IBM
When people say about some found object, "don't touch it, you don't know where it's been," they might as well being speaking of data. You can't use any data with confidence until you ascertain where it came from, who handled it and what they did with it. 

IBM Cloud Marketplace: Empowering the modern business

May 1, 2014 | by Larry Weber, Program Director, Digital Experience, IBM
IBM announced a number of new cloud offerings with the IBM Cloud Marketplace at the center. It is designed to be an easy access, technical marketplace for all users (business through IT and development) to access solutions and technologies on demand, with a growing number in the big data and...

What IBM’s Bluemix means to big data and analytics

May 1, 2014 | by Larry Weber, Program Director, Digital Experience, IBM
IBM’s recent addition of big data and analytic services into Bluemix will empower today’s application developer with an unmatched pool of resources. It will drastically reduce the time and cost for developers to get an analytical application off the ground and open new doors for immediate trial.

Streams versus Storm: What’s in a name?

May 1, 2014 | by Kimberly Madia, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager, InfoSphere Streams, IBM
Across cultures, since the beginning of time, humans have given great importance to naming of offspring. Children are named for ancestors, significant events or natural wonders. Names give meaning to people, places and objects. Today, corporations compete for naming rights of public buildings and...

Cloudy with a high probability of BLU

April 30, 2014 | by Susan Visser, Social Lead for IBM Analytics - Financial Services Sector, IBM
It’s powerful, fast, agile, simple and affordable for everyone; It’s BLU Acceleration for Cloud. Still in beta, BLU is continually being enhanced with fixes and new features. This week at IBM Impact 2014 we heard much about BLU for Cloud, including its positioning in BlueMix, added features and...

The interconnectedness of things

April 30, 2014 | by Tina Groves, Product Strategist, IBM Business Intelligence, IBM
What does the Internet of Things really mean, both conceptually and technically? Tina Groves shares her point-of-view about how the Internet of Things is really about the Interconnectedness of Things and delivering a new set of expectations about the power of the individual.

Give your application an unfair advantage

April 30, 2014 | by Kimberly Madia, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager, InfoSphere Streams, IBM
New big data services announced at IBM Impact Impact 2014 is full of news, and there are still two more days to go! Being a veteran of Impact, I have seen an evolution in smarter business processes and decision management over the years, but 2014 stands out as a year of substantive announcements....