Real or Fraudulent? Knowing is Important

January 8, 2013
  Insurance claims fraud is estimated to account for at least 15 percent of insurance company losses, a cost that impacts the bottom line of every insurer in the industry, and ultimately, consumers as well. Read More

Analytics ROI – Strategy to Execution

January 7, 2013
Analytics efforts can help companies improve efficiencies in business operations, grow sales, increase business agility, and attract and retain customers. Read More

Koby’s Big Data Predictions for 2013

January 3, 2013
Will this be the year of the “big data hybrid”? What will become of cross-scale architectures and next best action? Will governance finally take center stage? And will data scientists still be sexy? James Kobielus looks at all this and more in his predictions for 2013. Read More

Streams Application Development: A Graph is Worth a 1000 Lines of Code

December 21, 2012
Can you tell that this:   Is the same as this: Read More

Driving Growth in the Desert

December 20, 2012
Today, the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) and Desert Research Institute (DRI) announced they are partnering with IBM to use the PureSystems family of expert integrated systems for big data analytics and advanced research applications in the state’s higher education system. Read More

Peering into the Coming Year

December 20, 2012
Earlier this week, IBM unveiled its yearly "5 in 5" list - five predictions that forward-thinkers expect will come to be within five years. This year's list envisions computers that will literally "touch" us, as well as see, hear, taste and smell. As Popular Science put it, "Siri suddenly seems quaint by comparison." Since the five-year view is taken, I turned attention much closer, asking several regular Big Data Hub contributors for their prognostications of what will happen in the world of big data in 2013. Read More

How to Build Security into Big Data Environments

December 19, 2012
The rise of social media, the cloud, mobility and big data are making threats harder to identify and exposing important information. For businesses and governments, improved data security and privacy should be on the “new year’s resolution” list.  Read More

Patient Similarity Analytics for Personalized Healthcare

December 18, 2012
One of my favorite activities is exploring how big data can make people's lives better. Read More

How Data Fits in Customer Journey Mapping

December 13, 2012
Customer experience journey mapping gives a clear picture of customer behavior at every interaction point across the organization. Leveraging data in journey maps allows businesses to see the customer in 4D so they can map insight from across applications, silos, and business units. Read More

Social Media Analytics – From White House to Corporate Boardroom

December 12, 2012
While consumers may think of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare as places to post musings and interact with friends, leading companies are turning them into extensions of market research departments, using advanced and predictive analytics. Read More