Do You Make Decisions Based on Facts?

February 12, 2013
Do you make decisions based on facts? Get your facts straight with enterprise health analytics and big data. Read More

Big Data has Big Implications for Customer Experience Management

February 8, 2013
A key big data problem for business is one of linking up their disparate data silos with customer feedback data in order to identify the correlates of customer satisfaction and loyalty. By linking these sources, companies will be able to ask and answer bigger customer experience questions, embed the importance of the customer across different departments and provide the use of both subjective and objective metrics of customer loyalty. Read More

What's New on Big Data?

February 8, 2013
What's new on big data within the last two weeks? A lot of great content has been added to the Big Data Hub on all different topics and solutions. Catch up on some of the items you may have missed! Read More

Virtual Enzee: IBM's Big Data Platform

February 8, 2013
Virtual Enzee: IBM’s Big Data Platform Presented by Phil Francisco, VP Product Management and Marketing Friday, February 22 11:00-12:00 ET Read More

The Maturing of Big Data: From Herding Cats to Taming Tigers

February 7, 2013
You can’t declare something mature until it has stopped developing. By that criterion, the big-data market is far from mature. It continues to foster an impressive amount of innovation into new types of databases, analytical approaches and applications that infuse data-driven optimization into every aspect of our existence. Read More

Finding and Tracking Digital Footprints

February 7, 2013
Tim Peter led a recent #CXO Twitterchat down a digital sleuthing trail Read More

And, the award goes to …

February 7, 2013
IBM Institute for Business Value feted with Lifetime Achievement Award Read More

Agile Government Summit

February 6, 2013
Conference on how government can leverage innovative technology Read More

Can Big Data Stem Churn?

February 5, 2013
In an age where product comparisons, price breaks, promotions and coupons are a pocket away and readily available, it’s easy for customers to defect. Organizations are then challenged to make data work for them instead of against them in the customer retention battle. In our #CXO Twitter chat, guest host, Diego Saenz, The Data-Driven CEO, led the discussion on “Can Big Data Stem Churn?” Read More

Unlocking Big Data: Assess Your Competency

February 5, 2013
Survey from IDC assesses your organization's readiness for big data Read More