Closing the web app data security gap: Dynamic data masking for web applications

December 18, 2014 - 2:00 p.m. ET | Webcast

The rigidity of web application security controls has left the enterprise vulnerable to data breach. While the demands of data security regulations and increasingly stringent security policies are changing rapidly, the design limitations of web applications have crippled the organization’s ability to respond. Guardium for Applications provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to this growing data security gap. Leveraging dynamic data masking technology applied specifically to web applications, Guardium for Applications addresses the outstanding data security concerns of IT leaders, security professionals and regulatory bodies. 
Attendees will learn: 
  • What critical business objectives are impacted by the lack of data security controls in web applications 
  • Why organizations have been unable to keep pace with changing data security demands for their web applications 
  • How dynamic data masking for web applications addresses the outstanding risks 
  • How Guardium for Applications provides an efficient and effective method of closing this data security gap