Real-time analytics and The Forrester Wave Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms

Webcast | 1:00 p.m. ET

Real-time analytics aren't optional. Organizations that can't deliver faster insights on streaming data will be left behind. Often it is too time consuming to load data into a warehouse, and opportunities might be missed.

Join Mike Gualtieri, principal analyst at Forrester Research, as he discusses how organizations can analyze real-time data sources like market data, clickstream, mobile devices, sensors and even transactions to find valuable insights that can complement existing technologies such as the data warehouse or business models. Streaming data represents a huge untapped potential across all industries for real-time marketing and next best action, immediate responses to security threats, predictive maintenance, real-time call center analytics, patient monitoring and much more.

Experience the power of now and learn how to tap into your streaming data sources. Mr. Gualtieri will present his recent research and explain how to evaluate different technologies to find the best real-time analytics strategy to address your needs.

Understand customers with Hadoop-based customer analytics

Webcast | March 10 at 12 p.m. ET

Congratulations! Your organization now has a cool new (Hadoop) engine and you are interested in taking it out for a spin. What are you going to do with it? If you're like most organizations, you're going to perform customer analytics, such as customer loyalty, up-sell and more.

What is the first thing that you must do? KYC: Know Your Customer. You want to leverage ALL customer data: structured data conveniently located in your organization's systems and applications as well as unstructured data like documents, call center notes and social data. With IBM's unique partnership with Twitter, social data is more accessible than ever.

But how do you accurately link all of that together? This is why we built IBM InfoSphere Big Match for Hadoop (Big Match). Big Match combines, at Hadoop scale, all (structured, unstructured, internal, external) customer information from disparate sources, so that you can focus your time on analysis, not on data manipulation. Put your customer analytics in overdrive with Big Match.