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"Netezza Underground" - NPS at Your Bookstore

November 26, 2008
We had quite a surprise the other day when it came to our attention that Netezza and the NPS data warehouse appliance are now the subjects of a new book: Netezza Underground: The unauthorized tales of derring-do and adventures in resilient data warehousing solutions, by David Birmingham (ISBN: 1-4392-0743-7 and now available in paperback version for $31.54 at This is not the first instance of the NPS system being the subject of a book sold by Amazon (e.g., SAS/ACCESS(R) 9.1.3 Supplement for Netezza), but this particular publication certainly brought feelings of both fun and reaching into the mainstream with it, starting right from it's very clever cover art (above) to David's clever turns of phrase and real-life examples. Read More

Oracle's Entry to the DWA Community - Just Some of the Snarkalicious Commentary

September 26, 2008
Okay I'll admit that my first posting about the new Oracle Data Warehouse Appliance (DWA) tonight was a tad on the "snarky" side. But I have to say that I think it was because of all influences in the environment all around me. Straight away since the announcement yesterday afternoon, there's been a healthy degree of skepticism from industry insiders. Beyond his commentary on Larry Ellison's hairstyle, Gavin Clarke of the UK's Channel Register virtually flogged Larry for flogging the "Oracle server appliance alliance with HP". Some of the best snippets included: Gavin's subtitle: "(Not) a hardware provider" "And so to chief executive Larry Ellison, who Wednesday afternoon announced Oracle's third effort in 10 years bundling his company's software with someone else's hardware. This time, it's a high-performance, Oracle data and storage server stack locking arms with old favorite Hewlett-Packard." Read More

Please Send More Product Brochures!

September 25, 2008
It was an odd email exchange. Only 30-minutes earlier, at approximately 3:04pm US-PDT, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, head of one of the most powerful database technology companies on Earth, had publicly launched Oracle's entrée into the Data Warehouse Appliance marketplace: "the HP Oracle Database Machine and the Oracle Exadata Data Storage Server" - while simultaneously "sporting a curiously Romanesque hair style". Larry Ellison & Julius Caesar - separated at birth? (Wikipedia: Julius Caesar)   Read More

Diving Deep into Analytics from the Netezza Platform - Part Deux

September 3, 2008
So, yesterday I wrote about "the Netezza's" transformation into a platform for deep analytics. Now I know a platform is only as good as the applications available on it, which brings me to our announcement this morning. Last September, we got together with a handful of visionary partners and customers and created the Netezza Developer Network (NDN) with the goal of developing truly innovative analytic applications. We announced the first wave of these offerings today, with 5 NDN partners delivering game-changing applications built using Netezza's OnStream analytics. Let me highlight a couple of them here. Read More

Diving Deep into Analytics from the Netezza Platform

September 2, 2008
"The milk of disruptive innovation doesn't flow from cash-cows " -- David Isenberg, Blogger, Musings About Loci of Intelligence and Stupidity Dare I say ... "orders of magnitude performance" for data warehouse applications is old news as far as Netezza customers are concerned! It became fairly obvious to me at the Netezza European User Conference, held a few months ago. In presentation after presentation, customers talked about the performance and simplicity benefits they got from "the Netezza" - how the proof-of-concept (against their favorite legacy data warehouse vendor) seemed unbelievable at first, but certainly proved true in production; the fact that they did indeed get orders of magnitude better performance; and how all this changed the way they did business. Brian Ganly of The Carphone Warehouse used this chart to highlight Netezza performance during his talk about the "Netezza Experience." I think it captures the sentiment really well ... Read More

Netezza - Now with Added CLARiiON!

May 20, 2008
Today's News: Netezza and EMC Partner to Simplify Data Warehousing for the Enterprise This is hot! No, I mean it's really hot. I'm here in Las Vegas this week, attending the EMC World show in support of today's partnership announcement with EMC and yesterday the temperature crossed 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 Celsius). Oh yes, and our announcement here this morning is hot as well - stirring up interest around the EMC World show floor. We had several great discussions with EMC field staff, their partners and some customers yesterday. In the imperfect domain of trade show tsotchkes as metric, in just four short hours yesterday we ran through nearly 400 tee-shirt give-aways. Of course, as an aside, I would subjectively say our shirt was clearly a "best-in-show" candidate here - witness these front & back photos: Read More

Welcome to the Data Warehouse Appliance

May 1, 2008
Sharing our data warehouse appliance experience IBM Netezza has created “Thinking Inside the Box” to share our staff’s data warehouse expertise, knowledge and experience with the data warehouse community.  We hope you find our content hub valuable and educational.  We also hope you’ll participate in the conversation, allowing us to learn as much about your perspectives on data warehousing as you learn from ours. Read More