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Channel wars: How AMC wins viewers through data science

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Channel wars: How AMC wins viewers through data science

AMC Networks, the masterminds behind Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead, faced a challenge: How does the network gain actionable insights from the data it processes? AMC had spent considerable effort evaluating the information it gathered rather than executing that data into a long-term strategy that leveraged predictive analytics. 

Today, the network uses IBM’s Cognitive Business Solution to uncover new insights into audience preferences and understand viewing patterns across both traditional and digital channels. Using this highly scalable solution, AMC can analyze within minutes hundreds of billions of rows of data from ratings providers such as Nielsen, retail partners such as Amazon and iTunes, and third-party online video services such as Hulu and Netflix. This process used to take days. To that end, AMC can now predict the success of a show within six weeks before its release, enabling any tweaks to market strategy that are necessary to retain loyal viewers and win over new audiences. 

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