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Three ways to improve claims management with business analytics

Three ways to improve claims management with business analytics

Filing a claim is the single most important part in the relationship between insurers and the insured. It lays the foundation for customer satisfaction, profitability and positive word-of-mouth for attracting new customers. A “one size fits all” approach to decision-making won't be successful -...
Winning with application retirement

Winning with application retirement

Are you stuck in a loop maintaining applications that aren’t so useful anymore? Retiring legacy applications frees up valuable time, budget and resources for higher value initiatives—giving you an advantage over the competition.

Fighting cybercrime with actionable insights

How are you fighting cyber attacks? This infographic explains how you can fight cybercrime with actionable insights using IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis.

Four interesting things about IBM, Hadoop and open source

These are a few interesting things that you may not know about IBM, Hadoop and open source. Learn more
Smarter building management

Smarter building management

Enterprises need buildings to deliver optimum performance at lower cost. Without a comprehensive, integrated view into buildings and facilities management you may be wasting money and resources, as well as missing opportunities for better performance and greater savings. Learn more about smarter...

Enhance your customer engagement with an enhanced 360-degree view

With today’s sophisticated, connected customer, the traditional 360° view is not sufficient, so businesses are focusing on improving customer experience. The key to enriching customer experience is an enhanced 360 degree view of the customer, which understands everything about your most important...

Striking the big data versus good data balance

Balancing the need to keep data in case it might have later value for analytics and the need to delete data in order to comply with regulations and maintain good information governance can be challenging. Learn the 6 steps for achieving balance and optimizing results

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

IBM Analytics solutions enable healthcare organizations to connect disparate information into a single trusted view and deliver insights into data. The industry-leading accuracy and performance of IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management is at the heart of a big data & analytics strategy. Armed...
The future of the Internet of Things is already here

The future of the Internet of Things is already here

Learn how you can derive deep business insight from the Internet of Things (IoT)-- an integrated fabric of devices, data, connections, processes, and people. Learn more
Top 6 reasons to move to DB2

Are you seeing red? Top 6 reasons to move to DB2

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