Big Data Technology

Pushing the frontiers

This infographic highlights key findings from the 2014  report titled “Pushing the frontiers: CFO insights from the global C-Suite study,” which draws input from nearly 4,200 of C-suite executives representing more than 20 industries. Learn more about the insights behind the study in this podcast.

In five years, buying local will beat online

"In five years, local stores will merge digital with the instant gratification of physical retail to offer a more immersive and personalized shopping experience." - Sima Nadler, IBM researcher

Is your infrastructure ready for Big Data?

Today's Smarter Planet is generating an explosion of data. Organizations of all shapes and sizes are facing the huge challenge of managing rapid data growth.Find out how IBM can help.

The Four V's of Big Data

IBM data scientists break big data into four dimensions: volume, variety, velocity and veracity. This infographic explains and gives examples of each.

Keys to the Match: IBM Big Data and Analytics Powering Predictions

IBM software and expertise analyzes more than 41 million data points to determine the top three "Keys to the Match" for Grand Slam tennis tournaments. That same predictive analytics technology is used every day by leading organizations to solve their most pressing business challenges.

The Big Datastillery: Strategies to Accelerate the Return on Digital Data

See how "The Big Datastillery," a revolutionary new “appliance,” condenses terabyte-scale torrents of customer, transactional, campaign, clickstream and social media data down to meaningful and actionable insights that boost response rates, conversions and customer value.

How to Compete in the Era of "Smart"

Executives have long regarded intuition and experience as the keys to formulating strategy and assessing risk. That thinking may have worked in an earlier time of information scarcity—but not in the time of Big Data. The ability to harness big data  gives leaders their new competitive advantage in the era of “smart.”