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IBM Analytics industry solutions for telecommunications

IBM Analytics industry solutions for telecommunications

Better, more advanced analytics capabilities can drive greater levels of customer engagement, increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn and increase overall Net Promoter Scores. IBM is helping communications service providers gain greater visibility and control. Learn how we could be helping you...
IBM Analytics industry solutions for energy and utilities

IBM Analytics industry solutions for energy and utilities

With the right approach, energy and utilities companies could enable applications that help create contextual awareness and visual insights for the entire operations team.  IBM is helping operations teams in the energy and utilities sector move beyond predictive maintenance to full-grid awareness...
How will mining affect you in your lifetime?

How will mining affect you in your lifetime?

The impact that minerals, metals and fuel have on a person's lifetime is mind-boggling. IBM Maximo Asset Management and IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality solutions help the mining industry to deliver the many common materials we encounter in our daily lives.

Enhance your customer engagement with an enhanced 360-degree view

With today’s sophisticated, connected customer, the traditional 360° view is not sufficient, so businesses are focusing on improving customer experience. The key to enriching customer experience is an enhanced 360 degree view of the customer, which understands everything about your most important...

It's time to evolve the way the world works with data

Data is growing at an accelerated pace and users are demanding better access to data, but business users grab what’s available, not what’s best. Learn more about data refinement and evolve the way the world works with data.

Countering fraud in a big data world

IBM is delivering new software that allows organizations to gain better visibility and take a more proactive, holistic approach to countering fraud. This includes the ability to aggregate Big Data across a variety of internal and external sources – including mobile, social and online – and apply...

5 steps to big data and analytics success

Ready to start climbing the steps to big data and analytics success? Read the white paper at

What CMOs and CIOs need to know to acquire, grow and retain customers

Find out why a stronger partnership between marketing and IT can help your organization use big data and analytics to acquire, grow and retain customers.

Operations analytics

Machine data is all around us: logs, sensors, GPS devices and meters to name a few. The enormous growth of machine data has become a major driver of big data solutions and a challenge for many organizations. The complex and diverse nature of machine data leaves many organizations unable to leverage...