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What makes a data scientist?

What makes a data scientist?

Data scientists combine quantitative and statistical modeling expertise with business acumen and a talent for finding hidden patterns. IBM BigInsights 4.0 helps them accelerate data-science initiatives through support for Apache Spark 1.2.1, which can deliver dramatic performance improvements....
Got a big data headache? Enterprise-grade Hadoop can help ease the pain

Got a big data headache? Enterprise-grade Hadoop can help ease the pain

In this informative infographic, discover how you can accelerate various types of data analytics processes using IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop.

Four interesting things about IBM, Hadoop and open source

These are a few interesting things that you may not know about IBM, Hadoop and open source. Learn more

Enhance your customer engagement with an enhanced 360-degree view

With today’s sophisticated, connected customer, the traditional 360° view is not sufficient, so businesses are focusing on improving customer experience. The key to enriching customer experience is an enhanced 360 degree view of the customer, which understands everything about your most important...

What is the Forrester Total Economic Impact of IBM Information Management solutions?

October 2014, Forrester Consulting worked with IBM on a commissioned study to analyze the total economic impact that IBM’s Information Management solutions have on three specific big data use cases to help its customers solve important business problems. 

Taming Big Data: Small Data vs. Big Data

Infographic: Certain things cannot be overlooked when dealing with data. Best practices must be instituted for the care of big data just as they have long been in small data. Before enjoying big data's amazing analytical feats, you must first get it under control - with tools that are up to the...