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Counter fraud: Stop improper payments before they’re processed

Counter fraud: Stop improper payments before they’re processed

The dangers posed by fraud and improper payments have intensified thanks to technological and digital advancements. Government agencies must leverage new technologies and advanced analytics to proactively anticipate and respond to threats to bolster the integrity of their programs.
Winning with application retirement

Winning with application retirement

Are you stuck in a loop maintaining applications that aren’t so useful anymore? Retiring legacy applications frees up valuable time, budget and resources for higher value initiatives—giving you an advantage over the competition.

Enhance your customer engagement with an enhanced 360-degree view

With today’s sophisticated, connected customer, the traditional 360° view is not sufficient, so businesses are focusing on improving customer experience. The key to enriching customer experience is an enhanced 360 degree view of the customer, which understands everything about your most important...

What is the Forrester Total Economic Impact of IBM Information Management solutions?

October 2014, Forrester Consulting worked with IBM on a commissioned study to analyze the total economic impact that IBM’s Information Management solutions have on three specific big data use cases to help its customers solve important business problems. 

It's time to evolve the way the world works with data

Data is growing at an accelerated pace and users are demanding better access to data, but business users grab what’s available, not what’s best. Learn more about data refinement and evolve the way the world works with data.

Don’t let your organization be in the headlines for the wrong reasons

If you haven’t started on a comprehensive data security and privacy strategy, then you are vulnerable to data breaches.

5 critical steps to application consolidation and retirement

This infographic touches on five critical steps that will help customers streamline their application infrastructure, reduce infrastructure costs and transform enterprise data into a trusted, high-value resource by successfully consolidating and retiring their applications. Learn more today at http...

Infographic: The chief data officer

Does your business have a chief data officer? This infographic shares more about this emerging role.