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In five years, buying local will beat online

"In five years, local stores will merge digital with the instant gratification of physical retail to offer a more immersive and personalized shopping experience." - Sima Nadler, IBM researcher

What big data skills are most in demand?

Big data is impacting all industries. What big data skills will professionals in these industries need to achieve their business goals?

Read the press release: "IBM Narrows Big Data Skills Gap By Partnering With More Than 1,000 Global Universities"

Security Intelligence Extension

The traditional approach to security is to build and stand on a wall protecting the most valuable enterprise assets. In a big data world, however, threats are rapidly multiiplying, originating across enterprise walls and taking new forms - making them harder to identify and defend against. Enforcing a perimeter and reacting to events are no longer sufficient. Organizations need to analyze and correlate all available streaming and historical data to continuously identify threats - and act in real time to protect all physical and cyber assets. 

9 Ways to Build Confidence in Big Data

Whether you need to deliver trusted information to a data warehouse, get a 360 degree view of your customers, or put big data to work for your organization through any other project, IBM InfoSphere Information Integration and Governance capabilities provide a foundation of trust and protection for your data. Gain the confidence you need to leverage and act on a big data through the nine different use cases shown in this infographic.

The more we know, the more we want to change everything

Leading companies across various industries are using Big Data & Analytics to uncover insights from big data to achieve significant outcomes in areas such as customer satisfaction and retention, operational efficiency, financial processes, and risk, fraud and compliance management. By giving you the ability to predict trends before they happen, analytics can enable you to stay one step ahead of the competition into the future.

Combat illness and infectious diseases in real-time with big data

Scientists from IBM are collaborating with John Hopkins University and University of California, San Francisco to combat illness and infectious diseases in real-time with smarter data tools for public health by applying the latest analytic models, computing technology and mathematical skills on an open-source framework.

Transforming the US Open Fan Experience

For over 20 years, IBM and the USTA have used advanced technologies to connect tennis fans to the US Open tennis tournament and deliver insights into what's happening on the courts. The collaborations will continue and grow in the future. Scroll through to know some of the new and enhanced features.