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Inside The Data-Driven System That Keeps The Netherlands Above Water

IBM Big Data Analytics is being leveraged to transform management of the Netherland water systems and help keep the country safe from floods.

In sports and business, data is a game changer

When IBM became Roland-Garros's technology partner in 1985, the future looked exciting. Amazingly, the past 28 years have delivered more innovations and more advanced technologies than we could have imagined

Preventing Injuries with Analytics

An injured player isn't the only one who feels the pain. The loss of a key team member can negatively impact a club's chemistry, record and fan attendance. Looking to prevent injuries before they happen, the Leicester Tigers rugby team turned to IBM predictive analytics.

Data Data Everywhere

Your business is dealing with more data, faster than ever before. Make sure your organization is ready for it!

What Zoos can learn from Big Data

IBM is enabling zoos to employ big data analytics across its data sets with the aim of driving ticket sales, enhancing the visitor experience, and increase participation and awareness of conservation initiatives. Another key priority is capitalising on conversations across social channels such as Facebook in order to better engage with the 18-35-year old demographic and learn about their visitor preferences.

Making Lake George the "Smartest Lake"

Lake George is a headwaters lake and has a top water quality rating from New York. An ideal body of water to study due to its size and unique ecosystem, it will become home to a world-class environmental laboratory with a monitoring and prediction system, leveraging the IBM Big Data & Analytics platform


The value of Customer Retention

Today’s customers want to be treated as individuals. They expect personalized products and services that meet their unique needs. They expect quick responses to their inquiries regardless of the method of interaction they choose. IBM Big Data & Analytics provides the perfect platform to acquire, grow and retain customers by improving interactions, building long-term relationships and realizing value from customer sentiment.

Get to the scene before the crime

See for yourself how law enforcement agencies are using Big Data & Analytics to combat crime before it even happens. As cities grow, they need a better picture of where crimes are occuring - and where they were likely to occur. So they could save time and money by catching criminals in the act. And prevent future crimes from ever happening.

Everybody's talking about you, but what are they really thinking

Customers, prospects, employees, suppliers and competitiors all seem to have plenty to say about you - and plenty of places to say it. Understanding what people think now is great. But in today's fast-paced world, being able to see what they're likely to think and do next can be even more important. Know how that feedback can help you make smarter business decisions? Use the power of Big Data & Analytics to find out!


Detecting Fraud using Predictive Analytics

Corporate failures from fraud result in massive losses to shareholders. Poor risk management capabilities lead to poor decision making and high costsm, and organizations throughout many industries struggle to comply with escalating regulations. In this environment, risk, fraud and compliance management must be pervasive throughout your organization’s culture and operating model. Leverage Big Data & Analytics to gain a holistic view of risk, fraud and compliance information across your organization.