Infographics & Animations

Big Data & Analytics adds to the power of Renewable Energy

Sophisticated analytics are enabling renewable energy companies with deeper insight which helps them better manager the variable nature of wind and solar, and more accurately forecast the amount of energy that can be redirected into the power grid or stored.

Is your infrastructure ready for Big Data?

Today's Smarter Planet is generating an explosion of data. Organizations of all shapes and sizes are facing the huge challenge of managing rapid data growth.Find out how IBM can help.

The Business of Football

These days, Big Data and Analytics helps meet the insatiable hunger for player, team and league stats and analysis, on and off the football field. IBM is powering new consumer experiences with advanced real -time analytics. This ensures that the customers are offered newer ways to enjoy the game, and also helps uncover insights that matter, enhancing the fan experience and providing vital feedback to players and stakeholders.

The Art & Science of Predictive Maintenance

Innovative organizations are now using the power of Big Data & Analytics to predict more than just information on where and when a problem will occur, but also predict how it will occur and how to resolve it. This is helping chief operating officers, chief information officers, and their teams view maintenance across inductries, from transportation to manufacturing to energy supply and transform the way ithis nformation is used.

The Four V's of Big Data

IBM data scientists break big data into four dimensions: volume, variety, velocity and veracity. This infographic explains and gives examples of each.

Infographic: Big Data Exploration

The big data landscape for most enterprises is a vast wilderness. It is a growing and complex ecosystem of different data types from multiple sources, including new data from social media and raw data collected from sources like sensors. Only after effectively exploring and navigating this terrain can businesses begin to mine and refine their data resources to extract value—using trusted information to pave the roads to new insights and smarter decision making.

Infographic: Enhanced 360 View of the Customer

The journey that a customer takes with your company is an individual one. Each customer requires a customized map with a guide who understands exactly where he wants to go—ensuring a smooth experience along the way. Can your company provide every customer with his own personal guide? And can your company chart a course to success?