What's in store for an enterprise architect at Think 2018

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Director Hybrid Data Management, IBM Analytics

The enterprise data architect’s role is simultaneously technical and strategic. With businesses requiring foresight into emerging technologies and relying on nimble responses, successful architects must know how to get the most of their data infrastructure and build for the future. That’s exactly why they need to set aside a few days in March to attend Think 2018 in Las Vegas.

An enterprise data architect’s job is challenging and multifaceted. They often manage a full technology stack encompassing hardware, applications and skilled IT talent. The data landscape is diverse — and diversifying — with new data sources, data types, and a variety of data platforms both in-house and in the cloud.

More and more groups within organizations depend on data-driven insights, desire new insights, and want to move quickly with minimal dependency on other groups. Because of these demands, data architects need to do it all: understand the technology, apply it in a strategic way and coordinate with various stakeholders who want to get value from data.

If this sounds like you, come join the Hybrid Data Management community on the Cloud and Data Campus at Think 2018.

At the Think campus, there’s a slate of presentations and events that take an integrated look at the technology and strategy that make data value possible. Additionally, the Think Academy offers hands-on labs and certifications along with opportunities to meet, network, learn and play. Get a personalized perspective on your technology and strategy and go one on one with executives and subject matter experts from all over the world and every segment of industry.

Here are a few sessions of interest for enterprise data architects at Think 2018:

Can’t-miss sessions

One can’t-miss session is “Empower your business with a hybrid cloud data architecture,” in which IBM professionals will show how AMC Networks built a hybrid cloud platform to make use of all their data sources. This session addresses database and data warehouse strategy and shows how AMC was able to increase data responsiveness and minimize application rewrites.

For a more in-depth look at the technology behind the AMC strategy, make time for “AMC Networks: The Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution with Advanced Analytics,” as AMC representatives discuss how they built an enterprise hybrid cloud platform with industry-leading analytics and the new IBM Integrated Analytics System and Db2 Warehouse on cloud.

For a deeper look at technology and data management practices that can support next-generation apps, check out “Advance Your Business with New, Event-Driven Microservices and IoT Solutions.” This session introduces the Lightbend development platform and IBM data management technology. Presenters will discuss best practices for ingesting and analyzing millions of pieces of data.

If you’re interested in Hadoop and unstructured data, then set a course for “Charting the Data Lake: From Business Issues to Hadoop with IBM Big SQL,” where you’ll learn best practices from a range of IBM clients in banking, insurance and healthcare. This big-picture session covers everything from choosing a data lake model to setup, tuning, data ingest, query, overall governance, and future trends.

Or maybe you’re more concerned with the transition from traditional database systems to a cloud-based or hybrid system. Then book time for “The Need for Speed: 7 Ways to Move Your Data(base) from Ground to Cloud.” This session covers the pros and cons of multiple approaches to getting your data quickly into IBM Cloud.

The people that make the difference

Think 2018 is about a diverse set of perspectives that go far beyond IBM itself. Attendees will have the incredible opportunity to hear from and meet with world-class thinkers and leaders From scientists and futurists to astronauts, entrepreneurs, media leaders and educators, the conference provides a forum to network, connect and “think with the world’s brightest.”

Think 2018 is a great opportunity to connect with fellow attendees who can show you how to do something you never imagined before.

If you’re interested in more efficient database management, you’ll want to attend “Applying Data Analytics to Database Management,” a think tank session with Tim Willging of Rocket Software. Tim will discuss how an analytics system can be used to “transform the experience of managing large Db2 systems.” Tim is just one of dozens of IBM clients and partners who will be sharing their expertise, along with their surprising and illuminating stories.

For another perspective, make sure to visit “Ready for Business: Building a Spectrum of Capabilities for Analytics at Harley-Davidson.” This think tank roundtable discusses the journey that Harley-Davidson took to make data and analytics a source of new revenue. Insights in areas such as predictive quality, customer sentiment, trusted data, and predictive maintenance all helped drive innovation and increase revenue.

Think 2018 is an enormous and diverse event with thousands of attendees seeking to use technology to improve businesses, lives, and the world at large. If you’re an enterprise data architect, you’re used to seeing both the big picture and the details. Choose a path that’s right for you.

Register today and we‘ll see you in Las Vegas.