In the age of data: Killer data, part 1

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In the age of data: Killer data, part 1


Large companies that want to prevent being outflanked by more agile, smaller firms can adopt a new organizational and strategic lifestyle. Listen to a general discussion of Chunka Mui’s book, The New Killer Apps: How Large Companies Can Out-Innovate Start-Ups (Cornerloft Press, December 2013) in this podcast. Mui’s book promulgates the idea of business agility by thinking big, starting small and learning fast. The book also discusses sources of innovation with an emphasis on big data and analytics as a source of innovation, touches on how data might be used and invokes the idea of data ecosystems. Read an excerpt of the book here, and be sure to listen to part 2 of the podcast here.

For more background, check out Mui’s thought leadership presentation at IBM Interconnect 2016, and read this report from Harvard Business Review on how companies are responding with innovation through digital intelligence.