Data warehousing and analytics on the cloud

November 10, 2014

Learn about the new dashDB product, which makes a powerhouse of data warehousing and analytics technology accessible to everyone on the cloud. A fully managed service that can help IT professionals, data scientists and line of business analysts get up and running with insights from their data with speed, dashDB addresses challenges with data warehousing, including time-to-value, so that you can focus on the business and not the business of data warehousing.  
Adam Ronthal, technical marketing manager for dashDB, covers this technology in a fast moving, information packed interview conducted by David Pittman where they discuss:
  • Who should use dashDB and what are its benefits? 
  • How does it work with other IBM cloud offerings to help you achieve more in business?
  • On which cloud platforms can dashDB be used?  
To learn more about dashDB:
  1. Attend the Crowdchat on November 18 at 2 p.m. #dashDBChat
  2. Access the Freemium: dashDB.com available on either the Bluemix or Cloudant Management Interface 
  3. Explore data warehousing and analytics power at your fingertips in the cloud

Analytics: The speed advantage

Length: 29:54
November 3, 2014

Rebecca Shockley is the Global Research Leader for Business Analytics at the renowned IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV). She joined us to talk about highlights from the latest IBV study, “Analytics: The speed advantage" and described four key "shifts" that occurred in the past year. She referred to one of these shifts as "profound." Learn which of the 4 "V's" of big data is getting the most emphasis now.
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Gaining an advantage from information management

Length: 20:27
August 18, 2014

William McKnight is founder of McKnight Consulting Group, which focuses on helping clients solve business problems using proven, streamlined approaches in information management. He is also the author of a new book titled, "Information Management: Strategies for Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Data."

William talked about the value that many companies are leaving behind by not making the most of their data, and he gave advice on how organizations can become more agile—both in their methodology and mindset.

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Social marketing and big data

Length: 18:48
August 10, 2014

By now, most marketing managers and entrepreneurs have heard of big data, but they may not understand its impact on social marketing programs. Joining us to explain is Randy Hlavac, president of Marketing Synergy, a professor in Northwestern University’s Medill integrated marketing communications program and author of the book Social IMC: Social Strategies with Bottom-line ROI. Randy described how to shift from campaigns to real-time engagement, and why doing social listening for your company or brand name is not a good strategy.

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Infrastructure imperatives for advanced analytics

Length: 26:45
August 4, 2014

Organizations today are increasingly dependent on analyzing large volumes of data for strategic and operational decisions—and doing it in a timely fashion. As C-suite executives come to rely on advanced analytics, the importance of a robust IT infrastructure cannot be overstated. Adrian Bowles, founder of STORM Insights, a research and market intelligence firm, conducted research for IBM and documented his findings in a white paper titled “An Executive Guide to Analytics Infrastructure Imperatives for Advanced Analytics.” He has joined us today, along with Rick Perret, IBM’s global marketing leader for big data and analytics infrastructure, to discuss the research he conducted.

Download the complete white paper, “An Executive Guide to Analytics Infrastructure Imperatives for Advanced Analytics

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Learn about Big Data Analytics for Midsized Business

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Then and now: A five-year look at analytics studies

Length: 17:07
July 27, 2014

The internationally renowned IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) is beginning its 2014 survey on analytics. Rebecca Shockley, the global research leader for analytics at IBM Institute for Business Value, recapped some of the key findings from studies conducted over the last five years and how the use of analytics has evolved during that time. Rebecca also described what the research team will be watching for in this year’s study.

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The first ever Forrester Wave for streaming analytics

Length: 13:38
July 21, 2014

Going, going...gone! That phrase has been used by auctioneers to indicate the final bid opportunity for a hot auction item. Now “going, going, gone” is being used in the world of big data. Why? Organizations realize that they need to act faster by analyzing streaming data and taking action in the moment. Streaming analytics identifies opportunities in real time that would be missed using traditional analytic models that require storing, cleaning and querying data.

Is there a business opportunity hiding in your fast moving big data? The answer is yes and the time to act is now. In fact, to quote from new Forrester Wave: Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms, “The velocity of business demands streaming analytics.” To help you understand fast moving data, Roger Rea joins us to discuss the streaming analytics market and the results of this first-ever Forrester report on streaming analytics platforms.

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Developing real-time applications through open source

Length: 17:44
July 13, 2014

IBM has a long and successful history with open source, from running Linux on IBM PCs to contributing initial codebase for Eclipse. We believe a mix of open source and closed source is the best way to drive adoption in the marketplace. Having the full support of a vendor like IBM can lower risk while open source can help achieve customer requirements. In this podcast, Mike Spicer, lead architect for InfoSphere Streams, talk about IBM’s latest contribute to open source—the new GitHub project from InfoSphere Streams.

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How SMBs are approaching big data analytics

Length: 17:54
July 7, 2014

Cloud, mobile, security, analytics and big data are all significant issues for IT organizations, and the landscape of each issue is rapidly evolving. While it’s difficult for organizations of all sizes to keep up with the changes, it’s especially challenging for small and midsize companies. Brian Beals and Steve Cavolick join us from Sirius Computer Solutions, an IT solutions integrator that provides infrastructure and software consulting and services. Brian and Steve shared some of their knowledge about how SMBs are approaching and solving these IT challenges.

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Juggler or high diver: How do you work in real time?

Length: 16:44
June 16, 2014

If you take a quick glance at any technology publication (and many business publications as well) you will likely see some reference to real-time. There’s real-time customer service, real-time marketing, real-time analytics and the list goes on. But what does real time mean? Is there a standard definition? Should there be?

Roger Rea, product manager for IBM InfoSphere Streams, joined host David Pittman to share the surprisingly long history of "real-time computing," and explain how to tell if you are a juggler or a high diver when it comes to real-time analytics.

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