Revolution Analytics

Strata Conference Session Preview: "Real-time Big Data - from Deployment to Production"

Length: 4:17
January 28, 2013

David Smith, noted data scientist and vice president of marketing and community at Revolution Analytics, previews a presentation he will make at the Strata Conference in February. The presentation, "Real-time Big Data - from Deployment to Production," will take place during the conference's Data-Driven Business day. Smith will explain what all those big-data buzzwords really mean, how there are some inherent contradictions between them, and why you should care.

Rebuffing "Buyer Beware" Attitude on Data Science

Length: 14:13
January 21, 2013

In a Forbes blog post titled, "Data Science: Buyer Beware," the author expressed a great deal of skepticism about the sudden popularity of data science. He called data science "yet another business fad that forgets people, and probably just as destructive." Understandably, this rankled many data scientists. We talked with noted data scientist David Smith, vice president of Marketing and Community at Revolution Analytics, to get his opinion on this "buyer beware" warning.