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Big data innovations in retail

Length: 22:12
May 5, 2014

Nearly every company wants to acquire more customers and keep them longer. Yet in some ways, that’s more challenging now than ever with so many options available to consumers. But there is also tremendous opportunity for companies that are using data and analytics in creative and innovative ways. Michael Haydock, IBM Fellow, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Scientist of the Business Analytics and Optimization group, described how one popular food & beverage retailer is marrying billions of transactional records with weather and social media data to create highly personalized promotions.

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The physical-digital convergence of retail

Length: 09:51
January 9, 2014

We just came out of the biggest retail season of the year. Holiday sales were reportedly softer than expected. Is this an indication that future retail growth will come from digital channels? Swanie Tolentino, Retail Solutions Leader at IBM, explains why she thinks digital growth will actually help physical retail stores through what she calls "the Physical-Digital Convergence." 

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Studies cited in this podcast:
[1]   Source: Internet 10.1.013 – Most Internet Retail Activity Done on Smartphones and Tablets
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Real-world Use of Big Data in Retail

Length: 19:02
September 12, 2013

Swanie Tolentino, retail big data solutions & marketing leader at IBM, discusses key points from a research study titled, "The Real-world use of Big Data in Retail: How Innovative Retailers Extract Value from Uncertain Data." She also relates examples of how retailers are using big data and analytics to execute their strategies to acquire more customers and retain the ones they have.

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Big Data and the Retail Revival

Length: 35:00
July 29, 2013

Doug Stephens (@RetailProphet) is one of the world’s foremost retail industry futurists and author of the groundbreaking book, The Retail Revival: Re-Imagining Business for the New Age of Consumerism. His work and thinking have influenced many of North America’s best-known retailers, agencies and brands. He is also the consumer technology contributor on the acclaimed international television series App Central, as well as the retail contributor for CBC Radio. Doug also sits on the advisory board of the Dx3 Digital Conference. He joined "Talking Big Data" to discuss some of the challenges online and brick-and-mortar retailers are facing, as well as to relate examples of several innovators.

How to Get an Enhanced 360 View of the Customer

Length: 25:52
June 3, 2013

A big data platform, because of its ability to consume and process more data from both static and streaming sources, enables organizations to get an "enhanced 360-degree view of the customer" that has not been possible previously. Mark Myers, IBM big data product manager, describes this key use case and gives several examples of how today's new big data technology differs from and complements CRM and other existing products.

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Can Big Data Stem Churn?

Length: 15:10
April 22, 2013

Diego Saenz, the founder of Data Driven CEO, has over 20 years of experience as a management consultant, corporate executive and entrepreneur. In his current role, he provides Big Data Analytics consulting, speaking and training. He talked with us on the topic “Can Big Data Stem Churn?”

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Capitalize on the Power of Big Data to Transform Marketing

Length: 16:27
April 18, 2013

Chief marketing officers are evolving to bring creative- and data-driven marketing and advertising together in order to deliver relevance to consumers and discover deeper insight into audiences. In this podcast, Graeme Noseworthy explains the top issues that CMOs reported in a research study they are facing. He also describes “The Data of Desire,” and why is it relevant to CMOs and their ranks of digital marketers and advertisers. 

Audience Measurement: Changing the Model for Today’s Data-Driven Marketer

Length: 10:56
April 8, 2013

Audience measurement is experiencing dramatic change from a focus on the channel to a focus on the individual as marketers and advertisers work to understand the 360-degree view of the customer. What advantage does this provide to marketers and advertisers? If marketers need data-driven audience profiles that provide a complete picture of each customer’s lifetime interactions with your business, what steps should they take to put that picture together? Why does big data matter in Audience Measurement and what are the high impact use cases?

Graeme Noseworthy addresses all of these questions and more.

Top 5 Big Data Use Cases

Length: 19:00
February 12, 2013

Conversations around big data are shifting from "what is big data?" to "what can I do with big data?" Five key use cases have emerged that hold high potential value for many organizations. Eric Sall, vice president of product marketing at IBM, describes those high-value uses for big data. For additional information on these five use cases, visit