10 things you need to know about Spark

10 things you need to know about Spark

Apache Spark is a next-generation, cluster-computing, runtime processing environment and development framework for in-memory advanced analytics. This presentation provides a crisp, ten-point summary of what every data analytics professional should know about Spark.

IBM Big Data for Social Good Challenge: Submission showcase

IBM invited developers and data enthusiasts to take a deep dive into real world civic issues using big data and IBM Bluemix's analytics for Hadoop service. They analyzed one of our curated datasets or brought their own and used Hadoop to create clickable and interactive data visualizations...

Debunking Myths about Data Scientists

Some people think data scientists are mythical beings, like unicorns, or they are some sort of nouveau fad that will quickly fade. Not true, says IBM big data evangelist James Kobielus. In this engaging presentation, with artwork created by Angela Tuminello, Kobielus debunks 10 myths about data...