Cablevision Argentina reduces churn by proactively addressing customer care

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Cablevision Argentina is using sophisticated IBM Analytics software to uncover the causes of customer dissatisfaction and proactively identify unhappy customers. As a result, the company can accurately target service improvements, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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0:10 don't own any point in fact about customers who are going through a 0:16 technical service buses is that those who are detractors are four times more 0:20 likely to turn compared to promoters this is why we are working on court 0:24 customer satisfaction 0:26 the main event which we see them using analytics 0:37 the opportunity to anticipate customer problems and be proactive instead of 0:42 reactive in finding solutions to their problems that he also said he lost time 0:47 distance of religious political and economic performance benefits if we work 0:53 on a group of customers with the highest propensity to be dissatisfied and we 0:57 generated some actions and from these actions we were able to see that seven 1:02 out of 10 customers improved their satisfaction with our company in less 1:06 than 15 days from the day we generated the action promenade I can say yes but 1:11 if you don't get along with a lot of people 1:16 gonna kill him 1:18 about the technical and it's every single by working on the quality of the 1:25 connection and the technical service we were able to see how when technical 1:29 services reliable and find solutions to problems 1:32 customer satisfaction increases over 50% which means working directly on a high 1:37 impact process which ensures creating more promoters minimizing turn and 1:42 maximizing customer loyalty notice and I'll see the Chinese government alleges 1:50 that defendants